Pool accessories

Are you the proud owner of a pool, hot tub or even both? Do you want to keep your pool in top shape and maximise your swimming fun? Then high-quality pool accessories are essential.

A pool cover is an essential accessory that protects your pool from dirt, leaves and insects. It also reduces evaporation and helps keep the water temperature constant. When buying a cover, make sure it fits the size of your pool perfectly and provides effective protection.

If you want to use your pool on cooler days, a pool heater is the right choice. There are different types of pool heaters, such as heat pumps or solar panels. Before choosing one, consider the size of your pool and your individual needs.

A salt water system is a natural way to disinfect your pool water and minimise the use of chemical additives. It converts salt into chlorine and provides crystal clear water. Be sure to choose a salt water system that fits the size of your pool and is easy to maintain.

The sand filter pump is an essential part of pool cleaning. It effectively removes dirt and impurities by passing the water through a sand filter. When buying, look at the flow rate and filtration capacity to ensure your pool always stays clean and clear.

An alternative to the sand filter pump is the cartridge filter. It uses cartridges to remove impurities from the water. Cartridge filters are easy to install and maintain. However, make sure you choose the right cartridge capacity for the size of your pool for best results. To maintain the filtration performance of your cartridge filter, replacement cartridges are essential. They should be replaced regularly to ensure optimal cleaning efficiency. Make sure the replacement cartridges are compatible with your filter model before you buy them.

Over time, various pool parts can wear out or become damaged. It is therefore advisable to have some pool spare parts in stock. These include seals, hoses, connectors and more. Before buying, check that the spare parts are compatible with your pool model.

In addition to the practical aspects, there are also accessories that enhance the fun and aesthetics of your pool. From pool lighting to pool ladders and steps, there are a variety of options. Choose accessories that suit your needs and preferences to make your pool a real showstopper.

Get ready to enjoy summer to the fullest and immerse yourself in a refreshing swimming experience with the right pool accessories!