Staples + nails

Dive into the essential toolkit for your construction, carpentry, or DIY projects with our robust selection of staples and nails. Perfect for every fastening need, our assortment includes items from renowned brands like Bosch Professional Zubehör, Makita, and Einhell. Whether you're securing roofing materials, upholstering furniture, or working on delicate woodworking details, you'll find the staples or nails that ensure a tight grip and a flawless finish.

In considering the most suitable staples or nails for your task, it's important to look at the technical specifications. Some of the key properties to consider are material (typically galvanised steel for rust resistance), length (ranging from fine wire staples at 12mm to longer nails at 50mm or more), type of head (e.g., countersunk, upset), and compatibility with your tools. For specialized projects, the hardness of the staple or nail can be a critical decision factor, especially when working with tougher materials.

When it comes to choosing the right brand and product, align your choice with the quality and specific application requirements. For professional-grade options, Bosch Professional Zubehör's Countersunk pin SK64 20G is a popular choice for its durability and size, ideal for woodworking and trim jobs. DIY enthusiasts might favor Bosch Zubehör's Fine wire clamp type 53/8 for its versatility in crafting and home repairs. For those requiring nails that fit seamlessly into dense materials, Makita's upset head nail offers a strong hold without splitting the workpiece. Novus is well-regarded for their Super Hard Fine wire staples, suitable when extra holding power is needed. Lastly, Einhell presents a straightforward option with their nails tailored for general usage.

Whether you're an industry professional or a home improvement aficionado, our online shop offers easy navigation and a streamlined shopping experience. Filter by brand, length, head type, or other properties to swiftly locate the optimal staples and nails for your project. With top-quality choices at your fingertips, you can trust that your constructions will stand the test of time.