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1. Gira 5373005 S3000 Mov.m.aufs. 1,10

GIRA 5373005 S3000 Mov.m.aufs. 1,10.

2. Gira 205003 KNX motion m. Comfort 1,10

GIRA 205003 KNX movement m.. Comfort 1.10.

3. Gira Motion detector top

Gira motion detector top unit 5373112 Manufacturer: Gira Designation: Motion detector top unit pure white Type: 5373112 Design: Motion detector Mounting type: Flush-mounted HVAC activation: no Mounting height: 1.1 m Max. Range to one side: 25 m Max. Max. range frontal: 40 m Response sensitivity adjustable: yes Response brightness adjustable: yes Dimming function with dimming insert: yes Animal detection: yes Staircase monitoring: yes Combination motion detector/button switch: no With orientation light: no Material: Plastic Material quality: Thermoplastic Halogen-free: yes Suitable for protection class (IP): IP20 Max. on time: 2 min Duty cycle: 2 min Angle of detection horizontal: 180 ° Compatible with Apple HomeKit: no Color: white RAL number (similar): 9010 Compatible with Google Assistant: no Compatible with Amazon Alexa: no IFTTT support available: noGira motion detector top unit 5373112: more detailsSystem 3000 motion detector top unit 1.10 m standard Pure white glossy Features: Automatic switching of lighting depending on thermal movement and ambient brightness. Operation with System 3000 switching, dimming or extension insert 3-wire. Extension of detection range in combination with extension insert 3-wire. Adjustable brightness threshold. Sensitivity adjustable in four steps. When connecting a System 3000 extension insert with operating attachment or mechanical pushbutton to the main unit, the lighting can be switched on or dimmed for the duration of the overrun time. With System 3000 dimming insert: Switching on with last set brightness or stored switch-on brightness. The switch-on brightness can only be permanently stored via System 3000 extension unit insert with operating attachment. Notes : The detection field is horizontally aligned and may not be limited when used outdoors. Therefore, in outdoor areas, make sure that the installation location is suitable or use the 2.20 m motion detector attachment. , EAN: 4010337050087. 

4. Gira System 3000 Impulse insert 541000

541000 S3000 Impulse ins. Insert (541000).

Gira System 3000 Impulse insert 541000
Motion sensors
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36,56 EUR was 42,90 EUR

Gira System 3000 Impulse insert 541000

5. Gira Sensotec LED without remote control System 55 pure white

Gira Sensotec LED o.FB 237803 Manufacturer :Gira Designation :Sensotec LED o.FB pure white Type :237803 Design :Motion detector Mounting type :Flush-mounted Constant light control :no HVAC control :no Networkable :no Suitable for wireless transmission :no Creep protection/back field monitoring :no Mounting height :1.1 m Max. Range to one side :4 m Max. Max. range front :6 m Response sensitivity adjustable :yes Response brightness adjustable :yes Teach function for response brightness :no Dimming function with dimmer insert :no Animal track :no Staircase monitoring :yes Combination motion detector/button switch :no With orientation light :no Material :Plastic Material quality :Thermoplastic Halogen-free :yes Suitable for protection class (IP) :IP20 Min. duty cycle :1 s Max. duty cycle :90 min. Duty cycle :90 min Angle of detection horizontal :0..50 ° Compatible with Apple HomeKit :no Colour :white RAL number (similar) :9010 Compatible with Google Assistant :no Compatible with Amazon Alexa :no IFTTT support available :no Gira Sensotec LED o.FB 237803: further details Sensotec LED System 55, without remote control Pure white glossy The detection uses the Doppler effect, similar to speed measurement in road traffic. Movement can also be detected through non-shielding materials. For example, toilet facilities could be covered with a single Sensotec. Features: Non-contact switching prevents contamination. Contamination by viruses and bacteria by the user is thus excluded. Detection in the near and far range depends on the reflective surface, speed and type of object (person, animal, object, etc.). Metal frames influence the detection range. Extension of the detection range by extension units. Extension unit operation with rocker switch. Requires IR remote control for commissioning and setting various functions. Individual brightness value and follow-up time possible (teach function). Sensitivity of remote detection is adjustable. Mounting in deep device box. Meets the requirements of the VDI VDE 6008 Sheet 3 guideline. The Sensotec LED is an active motion detector. It detects temperature-independent movements in the detection area and switches on the LED orientation light depending on the ambient brightness. Movement in the close-up range switches on the room lighting, for example. Switch-on brightness of the LED orientation light adjustable. Notes : An IR remote control is required for commissioning and setting various functions. , EAN: 4010337014539. 

Gira Sensotec LED without remote control System 55 pure white (6 m)
Motion sensors
148,12 EUR

Gira Sensotec LED without remote control System 55 pure white

6 m

6. Gira USB data interface REG KNX 201400 Secure

Gira USB data interface. REG KNX Secure 201400 (201400).

7. Gira Mounting kit 224200 f. AP mounting KNX presence detector

GIRA mounting kit 224200 f. AP mounting KNX presence detector (224200).

Gira Mounting kit 224200 f. AP mounting KNX presence detector
Motion sensors
38,14 EUR

Gira Mounting kit 224200 f. AP mounting KNX presence detector

8. Gira 205166

GIRA 205166 KNX movement m.comfort 2,20m.

9. Gira KNX motion detector 205165

GIRA 205165 KNX movement m. comfort 2,20m.

10. Gira 537628

GIRA 537628 S3000 Mov.w.recept.2,20m.