Best products in the Doorbells + Door intercom system category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell Professional PoE Kit

App compatible: Yes, Colour of details: Black, Number of call buttons: 1, Integrated camera: Yes, Product series: Ubiquiti, Communication standard: IP.

2. Ubiquiti Acc Doorbell UP-Chime

A Wi-Fi connected bell that can be plugged into a standard wall socket and paired with a UniFi Protect doorbell. This device is ideal for homes without a wired chime system or one that is not compatible with the Protect doorbell. Managed with the UniFi Protect app: version 2.0 and above (web) / 1.6.2 and above (iOS) / 1.6.0 and above (Android). 

3. Ubiquiti UVC-G4 Doorbell Pro

The G4 Doorbell Pro is a WiFi enabled video doorbell equipped with a primary 5MP camera and a secondary 8MP package camera. The doorbell's main camera is equipped with IR LEDs to provide enhanced night vision which, combined with the built-in porch light, provides reliable clear surveillance 24/7. The G4 Doorbell Pro also features echo-canceling two-way audio so you can interact with visitors, and its programmable display allows you to provide alerts or delivery instructions to couriers. Designed to be a powerful plug-and-play security tool, the G4 Doorbell Pro can be set up and configured in minutes using the UniFi Protect app. 

4. Ring Chime gene 2

Ring Chime can be connected to all your Ring devices, so you can listen to instant messages throughout your home. The slim design makes Chime fit in any room. Place multiple Chime devices in your home. You'll always receive notifications no matter where you are. Whether you are in the kitchen, office or bedroom: you'll never miss anything again if your phone is out of range. 

5. Siedle CA 812-1, CA 850-1 E

Siedle CA 812-1, CA 850-1 E.

6. Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4

The Aqara G4 is a unique video doorbell that can be wired or battery powered. It is also the first battery-powered option that works with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video and supports streaming to Google and Alexa smart displays, with local AI used for facial recognition alerts, automations and more. Local AI face recognition: the built-in local face algorithm is the biggest advantage of the Aqara Doorbell. It can help people quickly recognise the identity of the person at the door by noting the name of the specified face and sending a push notification through the app or setting various automations based on the specific person. Even if the network connection is ever interrupted, the detection function is not affected. Works with Apple Home etc.: This is the world's first battery-powered HomeKit Secure Video doorbell. Security with HomeKit Secure Video. Video analytics and notifications happen on your Apple devices, like iPad, phone, Apple TV. Everything is encrypted before being stored in Apple's iCloud. Moreover, it can realise the connection of audio and video with Google and Alexa and connect with Yandex Smart Home app to achieve automation. 

7. HHG Monitor HHG

HHG Villa M door intercom accessories Monitor WhiteMonitorTouch-screen monitorColour monitor 17.78 cm (7")Wall mount Hands-free functionMicrophone and loudspeakerSpeaker, door release and intercom buttonSuitable for parallel operationCan be connected to a floor buttonAdjustable ringing volume, different ringing tones as well as brightness and contrast.Call differentiation: internal call, door station or storey buttonImage recording with automatic screenshotSD card connection 2 - 32 GB for video recordings4 monitors possible in parallel per bell button (without further additional devices).Technical data: Dimensions (indoor unit): 140 x 220 x 25 - Display type: touch colour display - Display diagonal (in inches): 7 inches - Display diagonal (in cm): 17.78 cm - Manufacturer colour: White - Mounting type (indoor): Surface mount - Product dimension, width: 140 mm - Product dimension, height: 220 mm - Product dimension, depth: 25 mm - Intercom component: Monitor - Power supply (LOV): mains-operated - Further technical data: Power supply: 30 V DCDim.: 220 x 140 x 24 mm. 

8. Schneider Electric Ritto

For TwInnensechskant door intercoms with intercom traffic, microcomputer controlled and with earphone interlock, high quality electret microphone, dynamic listening capsule, loudspeaker for call signals, magnetic fork switch, optimum operator guidance by illuminated function keys, night design, call differentiation for door call and storey call, 5 melodic call tones selectable by end user, LED call display with call memory function, max. call volume, max. call volume of 5,000 loudspeakers. 90 dBA, 4 volume levels adjustable with control function, call switch 17646, pre-wiring by pluggable screw terminal, no disconnection of the bus line when disassembling the device, 1 man setting procedure with programming protection, 3 slots for additional modules e.g. 

9. Doorbird IP video indoor station A1101

The DoorBird IP video indoor station is the ideal addition to any DoorBird IP video door station. It is characterised by excellent video and audio quality. The compact and discreet design harmonises with any environment. The screen of the indoor station is made of scratch-resistant safety glass. The intuitive user interface with clear symbols makes all functions accessible in seconds. All main functions can be called up using the hardware keys - without using the touch screen. This makes operation intuitive and comfortable, suitable for all age groups and possible with gloves on. The individual ring tone for the front door, floor or gate allows you to distinguish exactly where the visitor is ringing. The LED status bar on the bottom of the indoor station lights up in freely selectable colours. 

10. Smartwares DIC-21102

Check who is at the door by first speaking to the person through the Smartwares DIC-21102 indoor intercom. The intercom has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to talk to a visitor. You can choose your favorite melody and set the volume you want. The indoor unit has a speaker and microphone so you can talk to your visitor first and then grant them access if necessary. The intercom is 2-wire, which makes installation a breeze. To be safe, you should always check your wiring first. The slimline indoor unit can be wall mounted and is powered by the included power supply. No fuss, just a quick and easy installation.