Best products in the Motion sensors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Philips Hue motion sensor

The motion detector detects whether someone is entering a dark room or leaving an illuminated room. In the first case, it activates the light with the luminosity and colour temperature you have programmed. If, for example, the children have to go to the toilet at night, they are not dazzled by bright light but guided through the corridors by soft lighting. In the second case, when someone leaves a room and nobody moves around, the sensor first gradually dims the light by 50 percent before switching it off completely. Winner of the IF Product Design Award 2017. 

2. Aqara FP2

The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 uses state-of-the-art millimetre wave radar technology that can accurately detect the presence of people, even with slight movements. This technology ensures the continuity and stability of the smart device. It can also control other smart home devices through ecosystems such as Apple Home to achieve wider applications. It has features such as human fall detection and a built-in light sensor. Zone positioning: It offers significant advantages over traditional PIR infrared motion detectors as a single radar sensor can be used to monitor rooms of up to approximately 40 m². Furthermore, you can divide the room into up to 30 zones, e.g. sofa, bed or desk. In addition, you can set up individual automation for each zone. It's like using several PIR motion sensors at the same time with one presence sensor, FP2. Multi-person detection: Up to 5 target persons can be detected at the same time. The result is that the system not only divides the room, but also automatically reacts to the position of the different people without interfering with each other. Ultra-high precision: privacy and detection accuracy are taken into account. It is able to detect non-inductive signal detection without collecting real images. Automation can generally be done locally. Millimetre wave radar technology is more stable than detection by infrared sensors, even when you are sitting or sleeping. 

3. Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Detectors

With the weatherproof Philips hue Outdoor Sensor, your indoor and outdoor lighting switches on or off automatically. Thanks to the energy-saving daylight sensor, the sensor only reacts when there is not enough daylight. This means that your lighting is only on when it is really needed. The detection angle of the sensor ranges from 160° horizontally and 80° vertically and has a range of 12 metres. The reaction time of less than 0.5 seconds can be set individually in the hue app. A holder is included in the scope of delivery, which can be mounted frontally or in a corner. The sensor is powered by batteries, without any annoying cables. For an efficient result, a mounting height of 1.5 - 2.5 metres is recommended. Batteries included 

4. Shelly Motion 2

Shelly Motion 2 fits into any interior with its sleek, modern design and tiny dimensions. The flexible yet secure mount allows you to adjust the sensor's position to your liking. Shelly Motion 2 can trigger other smart devices on your home network and adjust actions based on time, light or various actions. 

5. MyEnergy MYEN HARVI-65A3P Wireless power sensor

SmartHome compatible: Application area: Indoors 1823035.

MyEnergy MYEN HARVI-65A3P Wireless power sensor
Motion sensors
73,60 EUR

MyEnergy MYEN HARVI-65A3P Wireless power sensor

6. Steinel Sensiq S

Royal offspring! The sensIQ S is just as perfect in form and functionality as it is in its size. A sight architects like. However, the design motion detector was specially developed for wall mounting. As it is more compact than its big brother, the sensIQ S fits perfectly into the façade and harmonises perfectly with modern, purist architecture. The inner values are also spectacular, because it has the same highly intelligent features and adjustment options as the sensIQ. 

7. Abus Secvest 2Way wireless motion detector FUBW50100

The Secvest wireless motion detector is a passive infrared motion detector (PIR motion detector). As such, it detects persons in the detection area based on their moving body heat field and reports unauthorised access to the alarm centre.

The opening angle of the wireless motion detector is approximately 90 degrees, its detection range is up to 12 metres - depending on the mounting height. Thanks to the new spherical lens design, the detector detects even more reliably and offers significantly more uniform coverage. The detector is also equipped with a sneak-by guard.

Abus Secvest 2Way wireless motion detector FUBW50100 (12 m)
Motion sensors
134,35 EUR

Abus Secvest 2Way wireless motion detector FUBW50100

12 m

8. JUNG A 17180 WW

Automatic switching of lighting depending on heat movement and ambient brightness. Operation with flush-mounted insert for switching or dimming or extension unit. 3-wire from LB-Management. Wall mounting on flush-mounted insert. Extension of the detection range in combination with extension unit. 3-wire operation with 2- or 3-wire extension unit. Rotary extension unit or push-button. Brightness threshold adjustable. Sensitivity adjustable. Fixed follow-up time. Switch-on with last set brightness or stored switch-on brightness. With dimmer insert. Switch-on brightness can be permanently stored via extension. With dimming insert, light can be dimmed via extension unit. With dimming insert, aperture for limiting the detection range. Ambient temperature: -20 ... +45 °C Storage/transport temperature: -25 ... +70 °C. Brightness setting: approx. 5 ... 1,000 lx (and daytime operation?). Sensitivity: 25, 50, 75, 100 %. Run-on time: approx. 2 min. Mounting height: 1.10 m. 

9. Gira 5373005 S3000 Mov.m.aufs. 1,10

GIRA 5373005 S3000 Mov.m.aufs. 1,10.

10. Homematic IP Radio motion detector HmIP-SMI55-A

The Homematic IP motion detector for 55 frame in anthracite combines a 2-gang wall switch with a powerful motion detector within the Homematic IP smart home system. Despite its compact dimensions, the integrated sensor detects. 

Homematic IP Radio motion detector HmIP-SMI55-A (150 m)
Motion sensors
only 1 piece on sale
48,33 EUR was 60,31 EUR

Homematic IP Radio motion detector HmIP-SMI55-A

150 m