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Aerobie Superdisc

Aerobie Superdisc

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4 reviews

  • NicolasC315

    5 months ago
    purchased this product

    For the beach


    • Good for throwing in water


    • Don't fly far
  • mjesus

    5 months ago
    purchased this product

    Performance +, Viscoelasticity -

    Perfect fly, easy on the hand, very visible cross-section. Careful packing it, soft plastic bends and stays bent after an hour on the backpack. I put the frisbee between a table and a bag of coffee beans, and the next day it was flat again. 


    • Performance


    • Plastic deforms after an hour on the backpack
  • Anonymous

    8 months ago


    Flies great and is easy to throw, so even the kids can handle it.
    For us, it's the best frisbee so far.


    • Rubber ring to grasp
    • Colours stand out from the bushes
    • Flies fast and accurately
  • ineichen

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    genius frisbee

    super flight characteristics.


    • Easy to throw