Stunt kites

Flying kites and watching them soar through the sky is not only fun for children, but for the whole family. Whether you're flying a single line kite, a stunt kite or a power kite, the kites can be flown anywhere with a bit of space. Our range includes models in all shapes and colours for children, beginners and professionals. There are many different types – from power kites to dragon kites on a single line. Single-line kites are the simplest version of a kite. As they only have one line, this makes them somewhat difficult to steer. And then there are stunt kites, which are easily steerable due to the two lines they usually have. Stunt kites include delta kites, static kites and power kites.

If all this is too action packed for your taste, you can use the power of nature to create a beautiful, colourful wind chime. In contrast to a kite, a wind chime dances through the air when it is placed in the garden or attached to the house and serves mainly as a decorative object.

Our selection of kites and wind chimes include brands such as Invento-HQ, Günther Flugspiele and many more. Discover our diverse, colourful and wide range of kites in our online shop and order the kite that's right for you to your doorstep.