Doll accessories

Being a caring doll parent requires more than just a few pieces of clothing. Weren't you proud of your first Barbie car, the colourful doll's house and all the accessories you used to feed, care for and nurture your favourite doll? Here you will find the right doll accessories for your doll, in addition to the large selection of dolls like Baby Born and Barbie. From prams and cribs to scooters and all care products such as diapers, bottles and pacifiers for baby dolls, you will find a large assortment of doll accessories from brands such as Zapf Creation, small foot, Barbie, knorrtoys, Hauck, Pinolino, IMC Toys and Turtle. No matter if you give a Barbie car, a bathtub or a hairdressing set - every doll mom or dad is looking forward to such a present for her birthday, Christmas or other special occasions.