Best Schildkröt products in the Beach games category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Schildkröt products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Schildkröt crossboccia pro

The freestyle version convinces with new fabric balls that turn every place and every surface into a playground. The Family PRO series from Crossboccia offers maximum fun for four people. Whether in the backyard, indoors, or at an official tournament, the Crossboccia PRO-balls withstand any strain due to their extremely robust workmanship. Moreover, Crossboccia balls float on water and even better they even bounce off water surfaces. Fibstop material, double-walled material, robustly sewn, durable plastic granulate filling.

Your crossboccia balls got dirty? Not so bad, because they can be washed by hand without any problems. Just clean them with a little soap, wash them, dry them and your balls are ready for their next use.

2. Schildkröt Cornhole set

Fun recreational game for 2-4 players that requires skill and marksmanship.

3. Schildkröt Active Games Set ass.

4. Schildkröt Roundnet Set

The fun sport for young and old, for friends or family. On the beach, in the park or even indoors: the fast-paced game inspires everyone and quickly finds interested players. Two teams with 2 players each compete against each other. Everyone stands evenly distributed around the net. To serve, the ball is hit with the flat of the hand onto the net so that it flies into the opponent's side. The opposing team is now allowed to pass the ball to each other up to two times before it has to be hit into the net again. The goal is that the ball hit in this way is not reached by the opposing team if possible. After the serve, each player is allowed to move completely freely around the net. This is what makes the game so fast-paced. With short and long passes, with faked attacks and other tricks you try to lure the opponent out of his reserve. If the opponent fails to return the ball and the ball falls to the ground, the own team gets 1 point. As soon as a player is obstructed, he also receives 1 point. Whoever reaches 21 points first and is leading by 2 points has won the match. The set includes everything for the immediate start of a Roundnet match: complete Roundnet net (Ø 90cm, approx. 20cm high), 1 training ball (Ø11cm), 2 competition balls (Ø9cm, 0.5 bar), ball pump with needle, net bag for storage and transport. 

5. Schildkröt Beachsoccer

Schildkröt Beachsoccer
Beach games
15,36 EUR was 21,89 EUR

Schildkröt Beachsoccer

6. Schildkröt Neoprene velcro ball set

2 neoprene velcro ball hand catcher (17 cm ) with width adjustable hand strap, trendy print, velcro surface firmly quilted with the neoprene, 1 velcro ball (6.25 cm), in closable mesh bag with drawstring. 

Schildkröt Neoprene velcro ball set
Beach games
13,80 EUR was 14,90 EUR

Schildkröt Neoprene velcro ball set

7. Schildkröt Tropical Frisbee

Show how well you can throw - with the Disc Tropical from Schildkröt.

The throwing disc in tropical design convinces with great flight characteristics. Because
it is light, even children can make their first throws. The curved shape makes catching easier and the surface guarantees a good grip. In addition, the throwing disc is salt-water resistant and quick-drying.

- 23.5 cm x 3 cm x 27.5 cm

- Weight: 75 g.

8. Schildkröt Beach Paddle Ball Set Ocean

With the Beach Paddle Ball Set Ocean made of robust 8 mm plywood from Schildkröt, movement and fun for the whole family is guaranteed. Whether on the beach, in the garden, on holiday, on the volleyball court or football pitch. The Beach Paddle Set is made of high-quality wood and includes two plastic balls in addition to the paddles. And as always with Schildkröt, everything is packed in the re-sealable net bag - so everything is always neatly stowed away and nothing gets lost until the next use. The set includes 2 beach ball bats (37.8 x 23.5 x 0.8 cm) made of lacquered wood with new design print, black firmly glued plastic handles, 2 balls, all in a resealable net bag. 

Schildkröt Beach Paddle Ball Set Ocean
Beach games
12,52 EUR

Schildkröt Beach Paddle Ball Set Ocean

9. Schildkröt Neoprene Diving Game Catching Game

Test your reaction under water! Use the landing net to try to catch the sinking weights in the water. The weights with the higher scores are heavier and sink faster. Material: Polyester, PP, neoprene, sand. 

Schildkröt Neoprene Diving Game Catching Game
Beach games
16,82 EUR

Schildkröt Neoprene Diving Game Catching Game

10. Schildkröt Mini Golf Set

Mini golf is one of the precision sports and requires a lot of concentration in addition to skill. The aim of the game is to hit the ball into the hole with the help of the club in as few strokes as possible. Each stroke counts as a point. The player who has the lowest number of points at the end wins. The fun version of Schildkröt allows even the youngest to learn this game and playfully train dexterity, coordination and endurance. The lightweight plastic bats are specially designed to meet the needs of children. The balls are made of soft foam, making the set ideal for indoor use. Low risk of injury. The set contains: 2 rackets (72cm), 2 balls (ø 4cm, 5g), 1 target circle. In cardboard box.