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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Schildkröt crossboccia pro

The freestyle version convinces with new fabric balls that turn every place and every surface into a playground. The Family PRO series from Crossboccia offers maximum fun for four people. Whether in the backyard, indoors, or at an official tournament, the Crossboccia PRO-balls withstand any strain due to their extremely robust workmanship. Moreover, Crossboccia balls float on water and even better they even bounce off water surfaces. Fibstop material, double-walled material, robustly sewn, durable plastic granulate filling.

Your crossboccia balls got dirty? Not so bad, because they can be washed by hand without any problems. Just clean them with a little soap, wash them, dry them and your balls are ready for their next use.

2. Spikeball Standard set

Spikeball Reaction Game Standard": Trendy game - not only for summer - The Spikeball Reaction Game Standard" is a sports game that inspires. The Roundnet set contains everything you need to get started right away: a dismountable, round game frame, foldable feet, the net for the frame and, of course, the soft spikeball ball. You can easily transport the set in the bag provided. The spikeball set is assembled in no time at all. - Product details: - 5 spikeball frame elements with net hooks - Frame diameter (set up): 90 cm - Frame height: approx. 20 cm - 5 fold-down feet for spikeball frame - 3 spikeball balls - ø 9.5 cm, 65 g - Incl. practical transport and storage bag - Recommended from 7 years. 

3. Zoch CrossBoule Set Downtown

In Crossboule each player has his own set of balls. Unlike in boules, the balls are made of soft material, flexible and crumpled. They are thrown on benches, stairs, shelves depending on where the jack is located. The sky's the limit. Each terrain offers players new challenges. Even in snow, rain and water the fun never stops. With certain combos you can get extra points. Whoever wins two sets of 13 points each, has won the match. 

4. Spikeball Pro Set

5. Schildkröt Neoprene diving set

The 6-piece neoprene diving set has been an orderer among the diving items available on the market for years. Why is that so? The neoprene diving articles impress with the grip of the textile neoprene sheathing. The sand filling makes the items soft and flexible. If a diving ring falls on the foot, it is by far not as painful as with a classic diving ring made of hard plastic. The diving rings and diving rods are only 3/4 filled with sand. In addition, there is a foam insert that allows the diving articles to stand on the bottom of, for example, the pool. With the diving ball the tail stands. These vertically standing, grippy neoprene articles can be grabbed and dived up very quickly and easily, especially by smaller children. The kids have a much faster sense of achievement and fun diving. The trendy "bright" colors are easily visible in the water. The set consisting of 2 diving rods (length 19cm, Ø2,5cm), 2 diving rings (Ø14cm) and 2 diving balls (ØBall: 6cm, length tail: approx. 20cm) offers a nice, extensive selection and a great price/performance ratio. 

6. Goki Viking game

For this outdoor version a lot of skill is needed in order to knock over the Kubbs of the enemy and then you can try to defeat the King. Packed in a cotton bag for easy transportation. 

7. Aerobie Flying Ring Pro

Soft edge for pleasant catching, flies very far. Diameter: 33 cm.

8. Schildkröt Street Racquet Set

Street Racket Versatile recoil sport for all and everywhere, also indoor. Easy and safe to play for individual players and groups. The Street Racket Set transforms almost any surface into a sports field. Just mark the field in the desired size (scalable, recommendation 6x 2 meters) and go to geht´s.
The set includes 2 black lacquered wooden clubs with logo print and high-quality natural wood handles, 2 soft balls (PU, 70mm) as well as 3x street painting chalk to mark the playing surface. All packed in a carrier bag.

9. Jamara Kids Pilo Foam Throw Glider EPP

The Pilo foam throwing glider EPP is super light and almost indestructible. By simply repositioning the tailplane, you can choose between looping and Gleitflug.

Jamara Kids Pilo Foam Throw Glider EPP
Beach games
8,17 EUR

Jamara Kids Pilo Foam Throw Glider EPP

10. Jamara Kids Pilo foam throwing glider EPP

The Pilo foam throwing glider EPP is super light and almost indestructible. By simply repositioning the tailplane, you can choose between looping and Gleitflug.

Jamara Kids Pilo foam throwing glider EPP
Beach games
8,19 EUR

Jamara Kids Pilo foam throwing glider EPP