Toy figurines

Play figures are handy in size and perfect to take along - be it to the restaurant, in the car, on the train or on the plane. Children can immerse themselves in a play world with play figures and let their imagination run wild.
There are different types of play figures. The assortment of animal play figures is huge and ranges from dinosaurs, horses, bears, cows, dogs, spiders to deer, unicorns, pigs and many more. Schleich and Bullyland offer a large selection here. Even mythical creatures such as elves and unicorns are available as play figures. TV and comic heroes such as Peppa Pig, Super Wings, PJ Mask, Paw Patrol and the Smurfs are popular play figures that are suitable as additions to the large figure play sets of these hero worlds. There are also figure accessories for the play worlds, such as a riding set with a brush, sponge, trough and other details for grooming the horses.
Many play figures are made of plastic. There are also those made of wood, glass or textiles. The advantage of hard rubber play figures is that they are easy to clean - so you can play with them in water or sand without any problems. They can be easily rinsed after playing. Many play figures are very detailed and were painted by hand.
We have play figures of the brands Schleich, Sylvanian Families, Polly Pocket, Transformers, Funko, Bullyland, Trauffer and more in our assortment.