Wooden train sets

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    Wooden toys tested: one third are contaminated with harmful substances

    by Katja Fischer

Wooden train sets

Almost every adult remembers his own wooden train set. The traditional wooden toy has evolved in recent years and consists of more than just tracks and trains. Smart functions, lights, sounds, etc. still mention Meanwhile, there are the most diverse play train worlds in which you can dive. Brands like Brio, Eichhorn, KidKraft and Hape, for example, offer you a mine, a harbor, several cities and even a roller coaster. The tracks are easy to put together and store in a storage box with the trains and all accessories when not in use. Unlike classic model trains, wooden trains are suitable for children from about two years old. There are few small parts that can be swallowed and the toy train sets are sturdy enough to withstand a child dancing on them from time to time.

Wooden train sets are available for children as young as 2 years old. The tracks, switches, stations and other play elements can be assembled to create completely immersive worlds: a landscape with cows and farms or an industrial area with freight traffic and a crane. Little ones can live out their fantasies and create exciting stories in these worlds: The train travels across the living room or children's room on its way to adventure and discovers new cities and worlds. Play trains not only encourage imagination, but also fine motor skills, spatial thinking and sensory perception. Since the tracks and accessories can be reconfigured again and again, toy trains offer little train drivers endless play options and hours of fun.

What should you look for when buying? Most sets are compatible with each other: the Brio, Hape, Small Foot and Eichhorn brands, for example, use the same track puzzle system. With the filter "Brio compatible" you can see all the tracks that are compatible with each other in one click.
Other tracks have their own type of connection: at HABA, for example, you get green connectors. Therefore, you should consider before buying: do you want to combine Hape and Brio elements and have quasi infinite possibilities or do you like the Haba design so much that you only rely on this brand?

Wooden trains are sustainable toys: today's tracks, trains and extensions are compatible with the ones you played with in your youth. Besides the new features, only the design has changed slightly.

Looking for a specific train part, like a bridge or a tunnel? Use the "Set Contents" filter to quickly find what you're looking for.