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1. Withings Sleep Analyser

The Sleep Analyzer records and calculates your health parameters in real-time to understand your sleep and provide accurate health data. Every time your heart beats, a mechanical wave is driven through your body, which is continuously measured with high precision by the pneumatic sensor. The Sleep Analyzer filters your motion signal to extract your breathing rate throughout the night. The movements of your body generate mechanical waves that are detected by the pneumatic sensor. The Sleep Analyzer was developed in collaboration with sleep physicians at the Hôpital Béclère in Paris and has been extensively tested with data from Polysomnography Analysis (PSG), the gold standard in sleep diagnostics. 

2. Dodow Sleep metronome

What's Dodov? Dodow is a light metronome in a beautiful and slim design, which helps you to fall asleep in a natural way. Without medicine or other artificial influence. Our customers who tried Dodow before you fall asleep on average 2.5 times faster than before. How does Dodow work? Set Dodow near your sleeping place to Select the mode with 8 minutes duration or alternatively 20 minutes Dodow's gentle blue light is projected to the ceiling; Breathe synchronously to the light - inhale as the light gets bigger and exhale as the light gets smaller, thereby taking your thoughts away from everyday stress and slowly reducing your breathing; The result of this practice is that your breath is slowly reduced from an average of 11 to 6 breaths per minute; By maintaining this slower breathing, the baroreflex is triggered; This physiological mechanism balances the imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and thus eliminates a major cause of insomnia For whom is Dodow suitable? Dodow is suitable for all those who suffer from insomnia on a regular or occasional basis. The symptoms for insomnia can be various - stress, depression or e.g. jetlag. Dodov has already made it easier for over 100,000 people to fall asleep - if our customers previously needed 60 minutes to fall asleep, it was 25 minutes using Dodov. So Dodow is your ideal companion on the way to a gentle sleep - at home and thanks to its slim design also on the go. 

3. Liini Sleep aid

Falling asleep aid by LIINI calms your baby and promotes relaxed falling asleep - whether at home or on the go.
Sleep aid by LIINI is the perfect sleep aid for your
baby, making your everyday life as a parent easier. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and small size, the sleep aid can be taken anywhere, from at home in bed to trips outdoors or in a hotel room on holiday.
The silicone holder makes it very easy to attach to the pram, cot or cradle. A pleasant LED light is also built in if your baby doesn't fall asleep well in the dark. With the timer function, the music can be switched off automatically after 60 or 120 minutes, but can also be played continuously. With a choice of 5 different lullabies and 5 lullabies, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", Einschlafhilfe by LIINI offers many possibilities for a relaxed environment to fall asleep, no matter where and no matter when.
Switzerland's largest mail order company, Digitec Galaxus AG, has tested Einschlafhilfe by LIINI: Read product test
You have a choice of 5 licensed sleep sounds:
Hair dryer
Mother's womb with heartbeat
Summer evening with the sound of crickets
Rippling water with birdsong
You also have a choice of 5 licensed lullabies:
Sweet dreams
Grandma's music box
LIINI's Symphony
Starry sky
LIINI Classic
Your advantages as mum or dad
You don't need any additional appliances such as a hairdryer or steam extractor.
Absolutely safe and CE-certified - no risk of burns or other hazards for your baby.
Very low electricity costs.
Your child falls asleep gently because it remembers the sounds of the womb.
Relaxed environment for falling asleep, no matter where or when.
Can be used anywhere: at home, on holiday, visiting friends or on your next stroll through town.
Product data
Built-in rechargeable battery with 1200mAh
Built-in ambient light (LED)
Power: 3.5W
Charging via USB-C connection
Colour: beige / grey
CE certified
The battery life is as follows:
Playing music & sounds without night light: Approx. 30 hours.
Using the night light without playing music & sounds: Approx. 100 hours.
Playing music & sounds with night light: Approx. 20 hours.
Scope of delivery
Sleep aid in beige
USB C charging cable (compatible with all smartphone adapters).

4. Dohm SleepMate

This simple yet highly effective SleepMate sleep aid produces the natural and soothing sound of outflowing air, blanking out a wide range of disturbing noises for deeper sleep, better relaxation and improved concentration. The Dohm also helps to protect privacy in confidential situations. This compact and lightweight sound conditioner fits easily on a desk, nightstand or suitcase. Two possible speeds to adjust the pitch and volume of the white noise.
The Dohm produces a natural white noise, it does not use loops of recorded noise. Its even, unobtrusive sound suppresses any everyday noise, such as the music of the neighbours, the snoring of the partner or the disturbing conversation of the colleague. The white noise produced by the Dohm can also be used as a kind of shield for confidential physician conversations, confidential customer conversations or other privacy related situations. Also ideal for babies or children to enable a more pleasant sleep or to promote concentration during e.g. homework.

5. Herbalind Lavender bag set of 3

Herbalind lavender sachets in a set of 3. These versatile sachets spread a soothing scent! Lavender is said to have a calming, relaxing effect. Ideal for use as a room scent, in the car, suitcase, wardrobe or chest of drawers as well as on the pillow when resting and sleeping. Bag made of cotton fabric and cord, filled with lavender flowers. Also a lovely gift idea!

Product Features:
- Relaxation
- Size LxWxH: 3x10x15 cm
- set of 3
- with flowers

- Cover: 100% cotton (BW)

Washing instructions:
- Do not wash
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

6. Beurer ISL 72

Stop annoying snoring at night - the snore stopper recognises snorers in real time and remedies them directly with gentle sound or vibration impulses. The accompanying "beurer SleepQuiet" app is easy to use and provides a precise analysis of your snoring behaviour. 

7. Nasanita Nose butterfly

Nasanita improves nasal breathing in cases of narrow nasal valves and unstable nasal wings. Eliminates accompanying symptoms of narrow nasal valves such as sleep disorders and nasal snoring. Also suitable for athletes who do not want to or can not use nose patches.Nasanita set with nose butterfly, storage box and instructions. 

Nasanita Nose butterfly
Sleep therapy
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Nasanita Nose butterfly

8. Herbalind Swiss stone pine cushion "Feel good time

Herbalind Swiss stone pine cushion "Feel good time". Bring the power of nature into your home. This pillow consists of a robust cotton canvas cover, which is printed with a lettering. It is filled with fragrant Swiss stone pine wood shavings. Ideal for sleeping and relaxing. Through body heat, the essential oils can unfold their effect and have a positive effect on your well-being in a natural way. The pillow must not be heated!

Product features:
- Format LxW: 25x25 cm
- with lettering

- Cover: 100% cotton (BW)

Washing instructions:
- Do not wash
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

Herbalind Swiss stone pine cushion "Feel good time
Sleep therapy
23,45 EUR

Herbalind Swiss stone pine cushion "Feel good time

9. Beurer SL10

A gentle light projection on the ceiling helps you to consciously perceive your breathing rhythm. Thoughts are distracted and brain activity is reduced. Pulsating light projection on the ceiling to support a conscious breathing rhythm. Selectable between red and blue light, 2 breathing techniques adjustable, 4-7-8 Yoga breathing technique (4 seconds inhale, 7 seconds hold breath, 8 seconds exhale), Relax breathing technique (4 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale), infinitely variable inclination adjustment, on/off by touch button, automatic switch-off (8 minutes, 20 minutes), incl. stand. 

Beurer SL10
Sleep therapy
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Beurer SL10

10. Beurer SL60

The comfortable sleep mask detects snoring in real time and stops it with gentle vibration impulses. Gentle snoring therapy for a restful night To reduce snoring For weak to heavy snorers Easy to use Gentle snoring therapy through real-time snoring detection by recording sounds and structure-borne noise Immediate elimination of snoring through vibration impulses, for opening the airways Mask washable Length adjustable Battery operation Precise snoring analysis Snoring behavior at a glance (number of snorers per hour) Display and graphic representation of data (day/week/year) Determination of maximum snoring volume Individually adjustable (e.g. (e.g. max. impulse intensity) Incl. charging cable Full use only with the "beurer Sleepquiet" app Free download of the "beurer Sleepquiet" app