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1. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000 Twin Pack

Philips Sonicare's whitening in this elegant sonic electric toothbrush. Switch to Philips Sonicare. Know you're getting the deepest possible clean with The C3 Premium Plaque Control brush head. The soft, flexible bristles are designed to curve around the contours of your teeth, giving you 4x more surface contact and up to 10x more plaque removal from hard-toreach spots. The DiamondClean 9000 gives you the guidance you need to improve and maintain healthy brushing habits in between dentist checkups. Built-in smart sensors let you know when you're using too much pressure, and by connecting your brushing experience to the Sonicare app, a personalized Progress Report helps you stay on track, to see how much you've improved over time. The DiamondClean 9000 comes with Clean, White+, Gum Health and Deep Clean+ to take care of your brushing needs. Clean mode is for exceptional everyday cleaning, White+ is for removing stains, Gum Health provides a gentle yet effective clean for gums and Deep Clean+ gives you an invigorating deep clean. Three intensities allow you to choose between a higher setting to boost your clean and a lower one for more-sensitive mouths. Smart brush heads ensure you're using the right mode and intensity. For an example, say you're using the W3 Premium White brush head. Your DiamondClean 9000's BrushSync technology will automatically sync your brush head with the White+ mode to help whiten your teeth. You might not notice if you're brushing too hard, but your DiamondClean 9000 will. If you need to ease up, the toothbrush will make a pulsing sound. It's a heads up to let your brush head do the work. 7 out of 10 people found this feature helped them become a better brusher. The Premium Plaque Defense brush head is designed to give you your deepest clean yet. Soft flexible sides and bristles perfectly curve around the contours of your teeth, giving you 4x more surface contact and helping target hard-to-reach spots. 

2. Oral-B Pro 3 3900

Experience Oral-B, the most widely used toothbrush brand by dentists worldwide. The stylish handpiece of the Pro 3 electric toothbrush helps you brush the way your dentist recommends: the timer helps brush your teeth professionally for 2 minutes and notifies you every 30 seconds to change the cleaning area. While you simply move the toothbrush in your mouth, Oral-B's unique round brush head does the rest. It removes up to 100% more plaque than a conventional manual toothbrush and ensures healthier gums. The toothbrush also has a 360° pressure control. It lights up red and reduces the brushing speed if you brush too hard. The Oral-B Pro 3 is perfect for anyone looking to switch to an electric toothbrush to improve their oral health. Try it now for 30 days with no risk. 

3. Oral-B iO Series 10

Lo spazzolino elettrico iO 10 con la rivoluzionaria stazione di ricarica iO Sense ti offre un feedback personalizzato in tempo reale per sapere dove, quando e come spazzolare, per un'esperienza di spazzolamento efficace e piacevole. Combina delicate micro-vibrazioni con l'esclusiva testina rotonda di Oral-B, dandoti la sensazione di una pulizia dei denti professionale ogni giorno. Sostituisci la testina dello spazzolino Oral-B iO ogni 3 mesi per ottenere i migliori risultati. Provatelo senza rischi per 30 giorni. 

4. Philips Sonicare 3100 series

Powerful bristle vibrations propel microbubbles deep between your teeth and along your gumline for a refreshing experience. In just 2 minutes, you get two months of manual brushing. 31,000 brush strokes per minute gently clean your teeth, loosening plaque and sweeping it away for an exceptional daily clean. The Sonicare electric toothbrush with advanced sonic technology is proven to remove plaque up to 3x better than a manual toothbrush. It removes plaque from your teeth and along the gumline while protecting your gums. The built-in pressure sensor automatically detects the pressure you apply, alerts you and automatically reduces toothbrush vibration to protect your gums. The toothbrush makes a pulsing sound to remind you to reduce the pressure. 7 out of 10 people found that this feature helped them become better brushers. 

5. Oral-B iO 6 Adult Vibrating Toothbrush

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6. Oral-B iO 10

The iO 10 electric toothbrush with the revolutionary iO Sense charging station gives you real-time personalized feedback to know where, when and how to brush - for an effective and pleasant brushing experience. It combines gentle micro-vibrations with Oral-B's unique, round brush head, giving you the feeling of professional teeth cleaning every day. Change the brush head on your Oral-B iO toothbrush every 3 months for best results. 

7. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

Feel the difference of gentle cleaning with the pressure sensor while your teeth whiten in just one week. Thanks to this toothbrush with three cleaning programs, you can adapt your tooth cleaning to your needs. The "Clean" program is the standard mode for excellent cleaning. The "White" program is the ideal mode for removing stains from the tooth surface. The "Gum Care" program offers an additional minute of cleaning at a lower intensity. So you can gently massage the gums. Philips Sonicare's advanced sound technology rinses water into the interdental spaces and uses brush movements to dissolve and remove plaque for exceptional daily cleaning results. You may not notice if you press too hard while brushing, but your toothbrush will. If you strain your gums too much, the toothbrush makes a pulsing sound as a reminder to exert less pressure. 4-quadrant timer tells you when you have spent enough time cleaning each part of your mouth, while 2-minute timer indicates when you have reached the recommended two minutes. Safe tooth cleaning: Sound technology is suitable for use with braces, fillings, crowns and veneers and helps prevent tooth decay and improve the health of your gums. 

8. Philips Sonicare For Kids

Make sure that children stay motivated when learning to brush their teeth. The Sonicare For Kids toothbrush from Philips works with a fun app that helps children brush their teeth more thoroughly and longer and learn the right brushing technique for life. Philips' Sonicare For Kids app syncs with your child's sonic toothbrush to playfully bring oral hygiene closer to your child. The cleaning trainer motivates it to clean longer and more thoroughly. Each session begins with clear visual instructions on the correct cleaning technique and progress monitoring gives an overview of the overall cleaning behaviour. Children learn to brush their teeth with fun, and parents can also see how well the children clean their teeth between visits to the dentist. With the Philips Sonicare For Kids-toothbrush and the app, children learn to brush their own teeth. The app synchronizes with your child's sonic toothbrush via Bluetooth and displays correct cleaning techniques and progress in cleaning behavior. Children can see how well they clean and receive great rewards for doing well. 98% of the parents interviewed said that the educational and effective app makes it easier to motivate their children to clean their children longer and better. The Philips Sonicare For Kids-toothbrush and the app make brushing your teeth a lot more fun. With the funny handpiece stickers, children can change the look of their toothbrush. Thanks to the eight interchangeable designs provided, children can give your toothbrush a new look as often as they want. In combination with the possibility to customize the appearance of the figure of your app, oral hygiene is designed to be exciting and entertaining for the child. With two child-friendly settings, this powerful toothbrush ensures proper cleaning at different ages: a low setting for younger children and a high setting for older children. The rubberized brush head of this electric toothbrush is designed to protect teeth during growth. 

9. Oral-B PRO 1 790 Duo

The Oral-B PRO 1 790 helps you brush your teeth professionally like a dentist for 2 minutes with the timer and notifies you every 30 seconds to change the brushing area. While you simply move the toothbrush in your mouth, Oral-B's unique round brush head does the rest. It removes up to 100% more plaque than a conventional manual toothbrush, resulting in healthier gums. The ultra-thin bristles are gentle on gums and strong on plaque. 

10. Oral-B iO 8 + Sensitive

The new Oral-B iO exceeds all expectations of a toothbrush with unimaginable cleaning performance and a sensational mouth feel. The Oral-B iO's innovative magnetic drive system delivers energy with pinpoint accuracy to the bristle tips, which glide from tooth to tooth with gentle micro-vibrations for an effective and comfortable brushing experience. Enjoy a fresh, dentist-like feeling every day. The Oral-B iO helps you protect your gums from too much pressure. The new Intelligent Pressure Control warns you of too much pressure with a red light and glows green when you're using the optimal pressure. An interactive display allows you to easily navigate through the different functions and settings of the brush. Choose between different cleaning modes, get personalised coaching in real time and a reminder to change the brush head. The visual timer tells you the recommended brushing time of 2 minutes. The toothbrush greets you in the morning and gives you a smile after brushing for excellent results. The new app features interactive 3D graphics for the first time, while the Oral-B iO recognises your individual brushing technique thanks to artificial intelligence. Experience a toothbrushing experience that inspires.