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How to cut branches & Co. quickly, easily and safely - 6 shredders tested -

The warm summer weeks we enjoyed this year are essentially over again - and already many of us see wind and winter temperatures coming up. That is why it makes sense to start planning your garden now and prepare a part of your garden before winter: For example, the branches of many trees (apple, pear, etc.), hedges (boxwood, laurel, etc.) and shrubs (blackberry, raspberry, etc.) can be cut back in the coming weeks. However, at the end of such a gardening project, many consumers do not know one thing: where to put all the branches? If you want to reuse it - for example as valuable mulch - it is very easy to process it: With a shredder! Many models are now available that consumers can easily place in their gardens. However, there are different types of shredders that process green wood and the like in different ways. For example, there are roller shredders that only roll the material and are therefore supposed to be much quieter. Another advantage that manufacturers of these models always emphasise is that they are supposed to be able to pull in branches of considerable size on their own, without you having to push during this process. In addition, blade shredders are also available that are much louder but can also be used more variably: So you should really be able to process all garden materials with them. This time, we tested 6 different shredders from BLACK+ DECKER, Bosch, Einhell, Ryobi and STIHL (€min - €max: 158.45-520.44 €). In the following, we present our testers' impressions of how the models can be used, how effectively they can process different garden materials and much more.

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