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For branches, leaves & co. outdoor care can be so easy 12 leaf blowers & vacuums tested

Autumn is fast approaching and promises not only mixed weather, but also a splendour of leaves in all colours on many trees in Germany. However, this can be particularly annoying for consumers who have many trees in front of or behind their house - after all, the leaves falling with the wind can take over a large part of the ground again and again. Especially in front of the house, however, this - in itself very beautiful - spectacle can pose a considerable risk of damage: Many people will certainly know how quickly footwear can lose its grip at such moments. That is also the reason why one should push these masses of leaves elsewhere as quickly as possible. But the accumulating leaves can also pose risks behind the house: after all, they can restrict ventilation within the lawn and thus cause damage. But how can you get on top of this problem? If you want to do this work in a really quick and simple way, you should use a modern leaf blower or vacuum cleaner, with which the work can be done easily - if the quality of the model is right. This time we tested 12 leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners from all renowned manufacturers and describe all the essentials about the strengths and weaknesses of the various models.

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Stihl SHE 71
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Black & Decker BEBLV301 (Electrical connection, Vacuum cleaners & blowers, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower)
Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers
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Black & Decker BEBLV301

Electrical connection, Vacuum cleaners & blowers, Leaf vacuums, Leaf blower