Precise mice: quick, comfy and gaming-ready

Precise mice: quick, comfy and gaming-ready

Raphael Knecht
Raphael Knecht
Zurich, on 14.08.2019
Translation: Patrik Stainbrook
A solid gaming mouse is as much essential to any passionate gamer as a powerful PC. Find out what you need to look out for and which periphery I recommend.

The right gaming mouse can greatly enhance your in-game experience. It's an essential item in your gaming set-up, next to a headset, a monitor and a keyboard. It serves as an extension of your right – or left – arm, sourcing your movements into the game. Here's what you need to pay attention to when buying one.

Optical vs laser

First and foremost, take a look at the sensor. Decide if you want a laser or an optical mouse. Optical mice are more common and in some cases more precise. Which is also why they're more expensive. Laser mice, on the other hand, are more sensitive and can be used on almost any surface – even on transparent ones. This can become a sticking point, however, as it will sometimes scan the surface in too much detail, resulting in so-called Jittering.

Mice with laser sensors

Shark Force (Cable)
Sharkoon Shark Force (Cable)
Lancehead Tournament Edition (Cable)
Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition (Cable)
Leadr (Cable, Wireless)
Roccat Leadr (Cable, Wireless)

Mice with optical sensors

Rival 310 (Cable)
SteelSeries Rival 310 (Cable)
G603 Lightspeed (Wireless)
Logitech G G603 Lightspeed (Wireless)
EC2-B (Cable)

The curious case of the DPI

Another important factor is DPI, or dots per inch. One dot represents one pixel on your monitor – do you really need 16,000 DPI for a 4K display? For a casual PC user, the answer would clearly be: no, of course you don't. Even when it comes to gaming mice, most players find insanely high DPI values ridiculous (German) – still, they can be useful. If you have a high-resolution display, you won't have to move your move as far to reach one side of the screen. However, handling high DPI values does require some finesse when operating the mouse.

Being able to adjust your mouse's DPI to a higher setting is especially useful when playing shooters – games in which precision is everything. Here's an example: you set DPI high as a default but turn it down in-game as soon as you get a sniper rifle. This will improve your aim even more. However, do remember that high DPI alone doesn't make a good gaming mouse. It only makes it very sensitive to movement.

High DPI gaming mice

Ironclaw RGB (Cable, Wireless)
Corsair Ironclaw RGB (Cable, Wireless)
Scimitar Pro RGB (Cable)
Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB (Cable)
G703 Lightspeed (Cable, Wireless)
Logitech G703 Lightspeed (Cable, Wireless)

Do good things come in small packages?

When choosing your mouse, size and weight are subjective. You could follow the rule that smaller and lighter mice are for faster paced games while larger and heavier ones are generally more ergonomic. But in the end, it's about what you prefer. By the way: some mice even let you change their weight.

Gaming mice with adjustable weight

Skiller SGM1 (Cable)
Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 (Cable)
G403 Prodigy (Cable)
Logitech G G403 Prodigy (Cable)
Viper V570 (Cable)
Patriot Viper V570 (Cable)

(Wire)less is more

If you're looking for the least amount of input lag, you should buy a wired mouse. Wireless mice can react slower, expose input lag and are more expensive than their cabled counterparts. Only choose them if you're into aesthetics, hate tons of cables or if you prefer flexibility.

Wired gaming mice

G502 HERO 16K (Cable)
Logitech G G502 HERO 16K (Cable)
Model O (Cable)
Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O (Cable)
Kone AIMO (Cable)
Roccat Kone AIMO (Cable)

Wireless gaming mice

G305 (Wireless)
Logitech G G305 (Wireless)
Rival 650 (Cable, Wireless)
SteelSeries Rival 650 (Cable, Wireless)
G502 Lightspeed (Wireless)
Logitech G G502 Lightspeed (Wireless)

Attention all MOBA and MMO fans

If you tend to play MOBAs or MMOs, then this is the category for you. MOBA, with games such as «DOTA» and «League of Legends», stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MMO means Massively Multiplayer Online, featuring «World of Warcraft» or «Destiny».

In comparison to «normal» gaming mice, they have additional customisable buttons – on top of the standard ones – which allow you to fill your game with shortcuts. These mice are often a bit heavier and bulkier.

Gaming mice for MOBAs/MMOs

G602 (Wireless)
Logitech G G602 (Wireless)
Scimitar Pro Rgb (Cable)
Corsair Scimitar Pro Rgb (Cable)
Naga Trinity (Cable)
Razer Naga Trinity (Cable)

Don't leave out the lefties!

Most mice are made for right-handed users. However, there are of course some models that are made for every user, even those of a left-handed persuasion. What use is a thumb button to you, being left-handed, if it's on the «wrong» side of the mouse. Nice to know: filter your shop results by this as well as many other specifications, switching them on and off until you find your dream mouse.

Gaming mice for left-handed players

Sensei 310 (Cable)
SteelSeries Sensei 310 (Cable)
G900 Chaos Spectrum (Cable, Wireless)
Logitech G G900 Chaos Spectrum (Cable, Wireless)
G903 Lightspeed (Cable, Wireless)
Logitech G G903 Lightspeed (Cable, Wireless)

Listen up, fans of design

I purposely didn't mention design aspects such as LED or RGB lighting in this guide as such features are purely subjective in nature. Personally, I find the look of a gaming mouse to be secondary in importance after its technical capabilities. If it looks great on top of this, great – but it's not my top priority. If I was forced to rank by design, these three would be my top three picks.

Stylish gaming mice

Shark Force (Cable)
10.80was 14.99
Sharkoon Shark Force (Cable)
Fortus (Wireless)
Speedlink Fortus (Wireless)
R.A.T. 8+ (Cable)
MadCatz R.A.T. 8+ (Cable)

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