Reverse that weight gain and get in shape in 2019
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Reverse that weight gain and get in shape in 2019

Julia Dürr
Zürich, on 03.01.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
It’s the same every year: Cookies, mulled wine and Christmas dinner are so delicious we can't stop eating and drinking during the Christmas holidays. The result? We put on weight. That's exactly why I make the following announcement every year on New Year's Eve with a glass of sparkling wine in my hand: Starting tomorrow, I'm going to get fit!

If you feel the same as I do and you're still looking for gadgets to support your workout regime, you'll find what you’re looking for here. More exercise, better activity tracking and more fun will keep your spirit up and make those extra kilos disappear.

For more exercise

Smartwatches and activity trackers both help you monitor your workout sessions and progress. Are you looking for a device that offers you detailed monitoring of your activities, lets you control your music during your workouts, is a tracker with many additional functions and has the classic design of a watch? In this case, I recommend a smartwatch. Happy with a gadget to monitor your workout sessions? If so, an activity tracker will do.

Watch those extra kilos drop

These body scales can do much more than just measure your weight. They provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fitness data, including body fat, body water and muscle mass. You can save your own measurements as well as the data of up to ten other people.

Sporty gadgets

Although the days are getting longer again, it's still pitch dark when you're doing early-morning or after-work sports. A headlamp is essential if you want to be visible and safe during your outdoor workouts. Your favourite music is sure to motivate you during your sports sessions while a chest strap monitors your fitness data accurately.

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Julia Dürr
Julia Dürr
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