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Xbox One S – pre-order the limited 2TB edition now!

Thierry Pool
Thierry Pool
Zurich, on 06.07.2016
Translation: Jessica Johnson-Ferguson
Sleeker, slimmer, sharper: The new Xbox One S sports impresses with a new design that's 40% smaller, offers 4K image quality with High Dynamic Range technology, has a new controller and is the cheapest 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in our range. The 2TB edition is limited. So all of you out there who want one should pre-order one now!

The Xbox One S will be exclusively available in the limited 2TB version from August. It is still unknown when the other versions are due. Xbox One S was introduced at E3 and impresses not only with a new controller with Bluetooth technology but also with other features that drastically improve the gaming experience:


  • An outstanding Xbox One game line-up; includes Xbox 360 classics thanks to backwards compatibility on a console that’s 40% smaller
  • Improved image quality with High Dynamic Range technology for games and videos such as Netflix 4K videos
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player
  • New wireless controller with Bluetooth and a textured grip
  • The IR Blaster allows you to control other devices – such as your TV
  • Xbox One is the only console that will enable top games to be streamed to a PC or tablet with Windows 10

The 2TB console comes with the Wireless Controller (also sold separately) and the Vertical Stand.


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Thierry Pool
Thierry Pool

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