Corsair Vengeance LPX

4 x 32GB, 2666 MHz, DDR4-RAM, DIMM
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Memory configuration

This RAM is characterized by its high clock frequency and low latency times. Coupled with the heatspreader for dissipating heat, it is ideally suited for use in high-end systems. The memory is also interesting for gamers and overclockers. The memory has been tested and optimized for use in systems with the AMD 300, 400, 500 Series and Intel Z390 Series chipset.

Heat distributor made of aluminium
The overclocking of your RAM depends on the temperature. If your RAM gets too hot, the speed will decrease and you will get less performance. To prevent this, the Corsair Vengeance RAM modules have a heat spreader made of aluminiumm, which dissipates the resulting heat evenly.

Supports Intel Extreme Memory Profile
Manual overclocking of your DRAM can be a lot of fun. However, it may also take a long time until it is ideally adjusted. XMP support allows you to overclock automatically if you have a motherboard that supports XMP. So you get reliable performance without locks or other strange behavior.

DDR4 brings some improvements in speed and performance compared to previous generations. A fourth generation RAM bar has more pins connected to the board to accommodate the higher speed. Each DIMM gets a direct line to the CPU controller to avoid delays or bottlenecks in the data transfer from the CPU to the RAM. DDR4 also includes innovations that reduce power consumption and increase reliability.

Key specifications

Memory type
Memory configuration
4 x 32GB
Storage clock frequency
2666 MHz
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