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LG 43BN70U-B (3840 x 2160 Pixels, 42.50")

LG 43BN70U-B

3840 x 2160 Pixels, 42.50"

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8 reviews

  • AzulShiva

    3 months ago
    purchased this product

    Tip top

    I bought it for 315chf. There's nothing to complain about for 315. The picture on my 32" UHD screen is slightly better, though. Nothing that bothers me though


    • Operating the PC from the hammock
    • Rieeeeeeeeeeeeally big


    • Cheap
    • Probably not sufficient for graphic designers
  • JoSeg

    5 months ago
    purchased this product

    Affordable workhorse with HDR

    I had the predecessor (LG 43UD79-B) for the last 5 years, same casing, size and connections but without HDR.
    It was good and I was satisfied.
    Now I wanted HDR and bought the successor, which made the change very easy.
    works and the picture has become much more colourful compared to the predecessor. That has nothing to do with HDR. But well - it's a matter of getting used to it, why not make it more colourful. This "more colourful" at least does no harm. Otherwise, the monitor is as expected, sharp image, usable reading angle, sufficiently bright and hopefully still consistent. No pixel errors detected. I would almost like to say: LG did everything right. 


    • HDR, 43 inch, reliable
  • baloghf87

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    Perfect choice for me

    I'm a software engineer and I like working on a single big screen. I like it, this is just what I needed, and the price tag is also quite OK.


    • Good value for the money


    • Can't change height, needed a separate monitor stand to lift it up a bit
  • Anonymous

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    Top monitor also for home office

    I bought the monitor for home office, in the office I have a similar Dell. Was looking for a cheap solution with at least 40 "for me at home was a Dell too expensive in the purchase.
    I've been working with it for three weeks
    and am very satisfied. 


    • Resolution


    • curved would be sensational
  • Anonymous

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    Gigantic monitor for a relatively small price

    For the price you can not complain, but the part is really huge, appropriate screen distance is necessary to be able to work comfortably - I have unfortunately only about 65cm, recommended are certainly 80 and more.

    disappointing for me is the USB hub function (eg mouse + keyboard directly on the monitor) and then via USB-C on a laptop (private) works great. What I would have liked, however, would be that I can connect via HDMI / DP another source (business) and so can work in picture-in-picture mode only with a mouse and keyboard - unfortunately, this does not work (how that should work technically I have times hidden). Only so I ask myself, for what is the picture-in-picture mode / USB hub then intended, if then so or so again 2 mice and keyboards lying around? Sure you could connect an external HD to the USB hub, but this can then also only be accessed via USB-C again. So man saves only some cable clutter.

    Of course I'm grateful for technical possibilities to solve my problem.


    • huge
    • 4K@60Hz
    • USB-C cable included
    • Display-Port (1.4) cable included
    • DIN plug adapter included


    • >80cm screen distance needed
    • USB hub only works via USB-C
    • PIP function distorts the picture depending on the source
    • Only tiltable (ergonomics)
  • micha_haller1

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    XXL Monitor


    • Graphic
    • Size
    • Connectors
    • Loudspeaker
    • Price


    • Weight
    • Partly problems with the usb computer does not recognize the devices always welcha attached to the screen.