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LogiLink BP0141

LogiLink BP0141

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4 reviews

  • pchappuis

    7 months ago
    purchased this product

    Meets my expectations

    Contrary to what the description says, the height is not adjustable. (but the proposed height suits me)
    I like the "surface" location of the USB and USB-C ports. It is possible to store the keyboard when the stand is "open",
    the small drawer and the mobile holder are also appreciated.
    However, I have my doubts that this stand can really take the 25kg of load mentioned. My monitor already weighs more than 6kg, and if it is placed in the middle of the stand, it is no longer possible to close the small drawer without it jamming.


    • Storage points
    • Easy to install
    • Several adaptations are possible
    • Possibility to store the keyboard underneath


    • I highly doubt that it will support 25 kg of load (my monitor weighs 6 and the stand already curves)
    • Connection cable supplied a little short
    • The height cannot be changed, regardless of the position of the feet
  • EmmaO115

    8 months ago

    Universal monitor stand

    pretty good


    • professional
    • Adjustable height
  • MaximilianR123

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Versatile screen elevation


    • Height adjustable
    • USB 3 and C ports
    • Smartphone holder


    • One adjustment option too few, three were advertised
  • Cloclo60

    3 years ago
    purchased this product



    • 2 USB sockets - You can slide the keyboard on once it's fully open


    • None