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Philips 242V8LA/00 (1920 x 1080 pixels, 23.80")

Philips 242V8LA/00

1920 x 1080 pixels, 23.80"

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4 reviews

  • norbertküm

    10 months ago
    purchased this product

    Monitor OK, audio subterraneously bad

    I deliberately chose this monitor to connect my small DAB radio so that I could remove my active speakers from my desk. Even the small radio with a small speaker delivers much better quality than the monitor. In addition, I rely on turning off the speakers quickly when I get a call. To do this, I would have to work my way through a multi-level menu on the monitor. 


    • Bright display
    • Good connectivity
    • Cheap


    • Extremely poor speakers
    • Power cable with safety plug
    • No button to quickly switch off the loudspeaker (mute)
  • MiZy

    1 year ago
    purchased this product

    Second screen

    Perfectly adequate as a second screen in the office


    • Price / Performance
  • Roba_da_Matt

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Great screens for homeoffice


    • HDisplayPort and HDMI inputs
    • Integrated speakers
  • VictorC748

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Good for the price

    When I scrolled, the screen takes a little to update, enough to notice.


    • Size
    • Price


    • delay to update