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RØDE Wireless GO II

Videography, Report, Live
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An extremely versatile complete system which, with two transmitter modules and a 2-channel receiver, is ideal for interviews and many other occasions where two sound sources are to be recorded simultaneously and separately. The highlight: the output is optionally analogue via the receiver's 3.5 mm TRS jack or digital via USB-C. In addition to a camera, the receiver can therefore also be easily connected to a computer or Android or iOS device via USB: perfect, for example, for mobile videos, presentations, conferences, etc. The signal quality is at its best, both analogue and digital: crystal clear and ready to transmit!

The two transmitters and the receiver each have an internal battery that allows 7 hours of work and can be recharged via USB-C. All you have to do to operate the modules is switch them on, and after just 2 seconds the radio link is up and running. Wireless GO II uses the latest Series IV 2.4 GHz digital technology, which is extremely insensitive to WLAN and Bluetooth interference, can be used free of registration and charges and offers a range of a gigantic 200 metres with a clear line of sight. In addition to the charging cables, the TRS cable and the fur windshields, the scope of delivery also includes a practical neoprene case for storing and transporting the system.

The TX transmitter modules
Each of the two 4x4 cm small transmitter modules already has a high-quality condenser microphone built in, which has been optimally tuned for speech transmission. With the clamp on the back, the transmitter module can be easily attached to clothing - ideally to the collar, lapel or at chest level. If the person is not moving too much, you can also simply put it in the breast pocket of a shirt or blouse. If the transmitter module is too prominent in the picture, you can use the 3.5 mm TRS socket on the side to connect an external microphone - for example the Lavalier GO clip-on microphone. A fur windscreen is indispensable for outdoor recordings. Three of them are included in the scope of delivery (one as a spare), which can be firmly attached to the transmitter module thanks to the bayonet catch and safely protect against ugly wind noise.

The RX receiver module
The receiver module can be easily attached to the hot shoe of a camera, the audio connection is then made via the 3.5 mm TRS socket on the side. However, you can also use the USB-C socket and output the signal digitally. The receiver is easily recognised by current computers as well as Android and iOS devices. You can also set whether the signals from the two transmitters are output separately (TX1 left/TX2 right) or in mono - in this case, the signals from TX1 and TX2 are combined and recorded identically on the left and right channels. The LC display of the receiver informs about connection status, output mode, channel level, selected level adjustment as well as charging status of both transmitters. The level adjustment and output mode (mono/stereo) can be selected via the buttons on the front and the transmitter modules can be muted individually if required.

Firmware updates are also possible via the USB-C socket using the 'RØDE Central' software. For example, you can already activate an on-board recording function in the transmitter. This automatically records the audio signal in the transmitter module as a backup as soon as the radio link is switched on. This is ideal to be able to fall back on this audio track in case of failures. And in the receiver, a safety mode can be activated via "RØDE Central", in which the sound output on the right channel is 20 dB quieter. If an unexpectedly loud sound source distorts audibly on the main track, you can simply use the quieter safety track in post-processing.

Key specifications

Audio outputs
3.5mm analogue jack
Microphone type
Condenser microphone, Lavalier microphone, Speaker microphone, Wireless microphone/-system
Microphone Application
Live, Report, Videography
Audio channel
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No rating
CT Magazin Logo
CT MagazinSingle testReleaseJuly 2023
  • Positivestable radio connection
  • PositiveDigital connection to the iPhone in stereo
  • NegativeApp compulsion
  • NegativeTray and adapter cost extra

We did not find the mini-radio set that fully convinces in every point in this tested. However, all of the tested sets are an asset, as they consistently sound better than many recordings made with internal microphones in cameras and smartphones. Differences in sound are often only perceptible in direct comparison...

No rating
Foto Hits Logo
Foto HitsSingle testReleaseAugust 2021
  • PositiveWith two transmitter modules, the uncomplicated-to-use system is also very well suited for interview situations. The internal recording provides more security.
  • NegativeThe transmitters of the Wireless Go II system allow the connection of more inconspicuous lavalier microphones, but these are only available as an option.

The Røde solution seems a little more sophisticated in some respects and delivers slightly better sound quality and transmission/reception performance in a direct comparison. On the other hand, the price of the Rollei system is significantly lower, and for many you-tubers and vloggers it also provides a much better sound recording than in-camera or clip-on microphones...

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