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    by Samuel Buchmann


A microphone or microphone is a sound transducer that converts airborne sound as sound pressure oscillations into corresponding electrical voltage changes as microphone signal. This distinguishes microphones from pickups that convert solid state vibrations.

The sound conversion can be done in three ways. Accordingly, there are the following three converter principles: Ribbon, dynamic and capacitor.

Dynamic microphones:
Thanks to their robust construction, they are particularly suitable for live performances and are often used to record vocals, guitar, snare, bass drum or brass. Due to their low sensitivity, however, they are not designed for very quiet and delicate signals. A power supply is not required.

Condenser microphones:
Depending on the size of the membrane, they are divided into large-diaphragm microphones and small-diaphragm microphones. They are very sensitive and are therefore ideal for studio recordings and finer sounds such as flutes, acoustic guitars or the ambient sound. But they have a higher inherent noise. They also need electricity, called phantom power.

Ribbon microphones:
They actually belong to the family of dynamic microphones, but due to their design they are much more sensitive, but also usually more expensive. They have a rather soft, warm sound, which is why they are often used to record strings and wind instruments. They usually do not need phantom power.

Depending on what you want to record, there are different microphone types. Our product range includes everything from studio microphones and video microphones to microphones for conferences or singing karaoke. Of course, we also have a wide range of microphones with USB connection, which are particularly suitable for game streaming or video blogging.

If you don't want to record your voice but an instrument, there are special instrument microphones for this purpose. They differ depending on which instrument you want to record with it.

Here you can buy microphones from popular brands such as Røde, Boya, Sennheiser, Thomson and Blue Microphones.