Seagate Exos X18

18 TB, 3.5", CMR
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Seagate Exos enterprise-class hard drives are designed for the most demanding workloads and are the perfect high-reliability drives for servers, storage systems and business-oriented NAS applications. Exos X family drives provide maximum storage capacity and the most efficient rack utilization. As the flagship of the Seagate X-class, Exos X18 drives are among the highest capacity drives in the fleet.Exos X drives offer very high disk performance with advanced write caching, making them ideal for OLTP, Hadoop, Ceph and HPC applications. Experience the industry's greatest IOPS/Watt by optimizing your storage with Seagate's PowerBalance feature.Seagate enterprise hard drives lower your cooling and energy costs per gigabyte by delivering high capacity with low power consumption and small form factor. With Seagate's PowerChoice technology already built in, you'll be able to further reduce your power costs and customize your systems to meet your needs. This results in up to 35% lower power consumption and is especially useful for businesses with many hard drives.

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7200 RPM
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The Seagate Exos X18 is available with 16 and 18 TBytes, soon to be followed by the 2X18, a version with a split head stack. Those who want an 18 TB Exos drive could just as well go for an Exos X20 with 18 TB. Other versions of the Exos X18 have a SAS interface or can be erased quickly and securely, but those who are only looking for the lowest price will probably get what they want: the 18 TByte...

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