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    Fritz!Box 4060 and Fritz!Repeater 6000 put to the mesh Wi-Fi speed test

Network adapters

Network adapters allow you to upgrade your computer with additional options to connect it to the local network. Unlike in the past, today almost all motherboards already have an integrated network connection with RJ45 socket. A network adapter is therefore only needed to add another, faster or even wireless connection. To establish a wireless network connection, USB sticks or PCI-E Cards are becoming increasingly popular. If you would like to connect a Bluetooth device to your PC, but there is no Bluetooth interface, this shortcoming can also be remedied via USB stick.

Tip: Are you having problems with your network or an Internet failure? If there is nothing wrong with your router, check your network adapters, they may be a possible cause (for onboard network adapters, check the driver in Device Manager).

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