You don't want to clutter your house or apartment with access points and repeaters? Then Powerline is an option for you. Because Powerline is Internet from the socket. Powerline uses the internal power grid for the Internet connection. So every power outlet becomes an Internet connection. From a technical point of view, PowerLAN is a carrier frequency system that is implemented via adapters. Installation is very simple. You connect an adapter to your router and plug it into an electrical outlet. You plug the other adapter into any power outlet in the desired room. The connection from the adapter to the end device (PC, printer, game console) is realized either via an Ethernet interface or via WiFi. The latest generations are even Wi-Fi mesh enabled: This means you only see one network and your device automatically connects to the best access point.

In our assortment you will find among others the following brands: AVM, Devolo, D-Link, Max Hauri, Netgear, Netis, Swisscom, TP-LINK, Trendnet and Zyxel.