Softbox + Reflector accessories

Softbox + Reflector accessories

When it comes to studio and on-location photography, lighting control is pivotal. Softboxes and reflector accessories play a crucial role in shaping light and adding the desired mood to your photographs. These accessories come in various sizes and shapes, catering to diverse lighting needs, be it in a professional studio or a makeshift setup.

Customers can find a range of high-quality softboxes designed for consistency and ease of use, compatible with different lighting systems thanks to universal mounts, such as the Bowens mount. For instance, Nanlite offers its Projection attachment with a 19° lens that is perfectly tailored for precise light control, allowing photographers to spotlight their subjects or create dramatic effects.

Top brands in this category also include Westcott, known for its versatile Scrim Jim Cine systems. Their 6” x 6” 1/2-Stop Grid is a most-sought component that effectively diffuses light, reducing its intensity without affecting its quality or color. Westcott's range is popular for its modularity and superb build quality.

Jinbei stands out with its frames, proving to be durable and reliable for holding various light-shaping tools. Whether in the studio or on location, Jinbei’s frames support photographers in achieving consistent lighting.

Walimex contributes to this category with practicality, providing solutions like their Reflector holder with clamp, which is essential for solo photographers or those who need to adjust their setup quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, Godox is notable for providing comprehensive lighting solutions. The most sold Godox accessory is the S2 type Bracket Bowens coupled with an 80x80cm Softbox and a Grid, offering amazing value and versatility in controlling light spread.

Photographers looking to enhance their lighting setups will find these brands and products crucial for achieving the right ambiance and mood, indispensable for creating impactful images.