Softboxes + Reflectors

Step into the world of professional photography with our extensive range of softboxes and reflectors designed to transform your lighting setup. Ready to enhance your subject's lighting and grace your photographs with that much-coveted professional touch? Our curated selection includes a variety of shapes and sizes, from the Aputure Light Dome III, recognized for its remarkable lighting diffusion, to the versatile Godox RFT-05 5in1 reflector kit that offers multiple surfaces for any lighting scenario. Look no further for reliable options like the Walimex 5in1 reflector panel, or step up your game with the Profoto Clic Octa, admired for its exceptional build and natural light effect. The Nanlite Parabolic Softbox 90cm stands as a staple for those seeking concentrated and controlled lighting. These top brands, among others in our catalog, cater to both beginner and professional photographers looking to perfect their lighting arsenal.

When selecting a softbox or reflector, it's vital to consider certain properties to find the ideal match for your photographic requirements. Size matters when it pertains to the spread of light; larger softboxes offer a softer light ideal for portraits and group shots, while smaller ones provide more focused illumination perfect for product photography. Shape also plays a crucial role with options like octagonal, rectangular, or parabolic softboxes influencing the catchlights and the quality of light. Ease of setup is another feature to weigh, as some models are designed for quick assembly and disassembly—a boon for on-the-go photographers. Durability and compatibility with different lighting equipment are also factors to look out for. Filters for these qualities on our website help narrow down choices, ensuring you pick the most suitable softbox or reflector for your creative endeavours. With our selection, seamless integration of these lighting accessories into your photography workflow is just a click away.