Best Walimex products in the Further studio equipment category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Walimex products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Walimex Foldable shooting cube 40x40cm

The walimex pro Shooting Cube LED -ready to go- is designed for all product photographers, who want to shoot small objects quickly and easily. It is your small studio, which is always with you. Folded up, the shooting cube is about the size of a document folder ? black, with carrying handle and very space-saving. Only the side pocket, which holds the power supply and power cable, hints at something different and more interesting.In less than a minute, you can unfold the folder, bring the side panels into position, attach them to each other with Velcro and connect the power supply to the cable. Then you just insert one of the four colored coves and the mobile studio is ready for product shoots. The only thing you need is electricity - everything else is included with the mobile shooting cube. So you can take perfectly lit product photos anytime and anywhere, and your portable studio takes up just 44 x 44 cm of space. Professional and reproducible results You can work with the shooting cube not only everywhere where electricity is available and are therefore absolutely flexible. Thanks to the built-in LED light source, you also always achieve the same quality, always have the same lighting situation and can therefore deliver reproducible image results time and time again. This saves you a lot of time that you would have to spend setting up the light setup with other tabletop variants. Sophisticated and well thought-out for great creative freedom. 

2. Walimex Pop-Up Laptop Tent

Are you also an enthusiastic outdoor photographer? Then you know: In the outdoor area it is not only about finding the optimal light for the shooting, also for the image control on the laptop a direct sunlight on the display must be avoided. Wouldn't it be annoying if you only found out after returning to your photo studio that the result of many hours of work was disappointing? In order to avoid such a disappointment and to enable a correct image and colour control on location, there is now the innovative Pop-Up Laptop Tent from walimex. Also in the photo studio, the Tent is perfectly suitable to avoid unwanted reflections and mirroring on the Laptop Display.

It offers your laptop reliable protection and a great view of the display even in strong sunshine. For this purpose, the inside is provided with a light-absorbing inner coating. To minimize the incidence of light, you can also partially cover the front opening, leaving an opening at the top for viewing the display and an opening at the bottom for operating the laptop. For possible cables, there are two openings on the back of the laptop tent, which can be closed when not in use. At the same time, the tent also offers your laptop protection against dirt, dust and splash water.

Like a cube of light, the laptop tent is quickly erected and folded back together again thanks to its practical pop-up technology. It can be reduced to only a fraction of its size and fits into a transport bag. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, it fits into any photo bag. Tip: The Laptop Tent from walimex is also ideally suitable for other outdoor laptop work.

3. Walimex Special clamp with spigot

The screwable special clamp can be used individually on shooting tables, doors or similar up to a maximum diameter of 4.5cm. The 5/8 inch spigot with thread is suitable for attaching flash heads, reflectors and other universal holders with the corresponding receptacle. 

4. Walimex Premium clamp with dual spigot

The Premium Clamp with Dual Spigot from walimex pro is a clamp with two 5/8 inch spigots, one of them with 1/4 inch thread. Due to the jaw shape, it is suitable for square and round profiles and has a span of 2-10cm. A thumbscrew is used to lock the clamp in place. The rubber coating on the jaws ensures a particularly firm grip. 

5. Walimex Ceiling rail system

The walimex ceiling rail system makes the work in the photo studio enormously easier. Tripods and cables that used to be trip hazards are now a thing of the past. The scissors allow a stepless extension up to max. 200cm, so that even smaller objects standing on the ground can be photographed without problems. The 5/8 inch spigots are suitable for all common studio lights and flashes. Smooth-running carriages allow you to easily move the scissors back and forth and thus bring them into the desired position without any effort. The scissor springs are made of stainless steel. Please note that the ceiling to which you attach the system is of high stability. 

6. Walimex Adhesive paste Value Pack 300g

The adhesive paste from walimex is one of the essential helpers of the photographer. It is used like normal modelling clay, but adheres many times better, can be easily removed without leaving any residue and can be reused for a very long time 

7. Walimex Socket holder for ceiling rail system

Unclouded working pleasure on a high level. Avoid the annoying cable tangle in your studio and finally create a remedy with the convenient Multiple Socket Holder from walimex: The Socket Holder is especially suitable for the walimex Ceiling Rail System, but thanks to the 5/8 spigot it can also be used on tripods or similar. Simply place your multiple socket on the holder, fix it with cable ties and you have already reduced the number of cables hanging around. Also benefit from the 2in1 use of this product, because you can also use the trolley individually with your ceiling rail system. 

8. Walimex Thread adapter 1/4 to 3/8 inch brim

With this thread adapter it is possible to mount cameras and tripod heads, which are equipped with a 3/8 inch thread, on a tripod with a 1/4 inch screw. The thread adapter is made of high-strength stainless steel and is manufactured to a high standard. At the head of the adapter there is a brim with a groove for mounting by screwdriver or coin.
Whether you want to replace a worn or lost adapter on your equipment or enjoy the safety and quality of a high quality and custom-fit adapter ? this thread adapter is an indispensable basic photo accessory.

9. Walimex Pop-Up Light Cube

Do you want to make professional recordings of your products yourself? Then this light cube is the ideal helper for you. It is suitable for both digital and analogue photos and offers shadow-free illumination and soft light from all sides. It is ideal for cropping objects and excellent for photographs of porcelain, glass, decorative objects, etc. You do not need any previous photographic knowledge. With just a few creative steps you will get product photos like from a professional photographer. 

10. Walimex Double screw terminal

The small studio helper guarantees you the flexibility you need in the studio, anytime and anywhere. Simply build your studio scaffolding according to your own ideas: For example, attach one side to a lamp tripod and then attach a telescopic rod to the second screw clamp. Or attach the screw clamp to the plate of a shooting table and then darken it accordingly with the help of a styrofoam fork and matching styrofoam plate. There are no limits to your ideas.