Best Obsbot products in the Webcams category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Obsbot products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Obsbot Tiny 2

Obsbot Tiny 2 AI-controlled 4K webcam A new era of webcam A stunning fusion of futuristic AI technology, a world-class camera system and timeless design. The Obsbot Tiny 2 has pushed the boundaries of technology and taken the webcam industry into a whole new era. Never-before-seen video quality The world's largest CMOS in a webcam With its built-in 1/1.5'' CMOS, the Obsbot Tiny 2 takes a leap in video performance, delivering vivid video in low-light conditions and elevating the quality of your video.4K@30FPS/1080P@60FPS With its 1/1.5'' CMOS, the Obsbot Tiny 2 offers sharper details, wider dynamic range and more natural colours. All-Pixel Auto Focus Thanks to All-Pixel Auto Focus technology, the Obsbot Tiny 2 offers 4x faster focusing, even in low light.

PixGain HDR HDR without streaks Enhanced AI tracking AI autofocus with automatic image alignment With 2-axis gimbal and deep learning neural network algorithm, the Obsbot Tiny 2 can accurately and smoothly track the target and automatically adjust the size of the image to keep the target in focus in the video. Magic gesture control With simple gestures, you can easily control the Obsbot Tiny 2 to start/stop tracking and zoom in/out. Hand tracking The Obsbot has improved its algorithm to track your hand to help you better express your inspiration when painting or drawing. Zone Tracking Set a zone where the Obsbot Tiny 2 does not move its camera for a better demonstration.

Obsbot Tiny 2 (50 Mpx)
294,58 EUR

Obsbot Tiny 2

50 Mpx

2. Obsbot Tail Air

The Obsbot Tail Air is an AI-controlled PTZ streaming camera that can be used in a variety of scenarios. With Obsbot's supported AI algorithm, your livestream experience can be significantly improved.

The Obsbot Tail Air has exceptional AI functions and uses AI auto-tracking to track the desired target, controls the video with AI Director Grids and relays your commands remotely with the improved gesture control 2.0.

The Obsbot Tail Air has exceptional AI capabilities to track people, pets and even objects at a speed of 120°/s. This makes it ideal for capturing every dynamic moment of your daily life.

This function uses the Obsbot AI algorithm to split the recorded video into different grids in real time. By clicking on a grid, you can quickly and accurately assess your livestreams by putting the corresponding video signal on air.

Manage your Obsbot Tail Air device effortlessly with intuitive gestures to simplify your video recordings. Dynamic gestures also enable seamless and precise zoom adjustments.

Equipped with multiple interfaces for connection, Obsbot Tail Air offers powerful expansion possibilities for the Obsbot family for the first time. Without compromising on video quality or incredible AI functions, this device offers more possibilities for your livestream workflow.

The Obsbot Tail Air can be controlled wirelessly and display the real-time video signal on your mobile devices. Your Obsbot device is ready to help you capture the most amazing footage.

Obsbot Tail Air (8.40 Mpx)
570,01 EUR

Obsbot Tail Air

8.40 Mpx

3. Obsbot Magnetic holder for Tiny 2

OBSBOT Magnetic Mount for Tiny 2.

Obsbot Magnetic holder for Tiny 2
20,60 EUR

Obsbot Magnetic holder for Tiny 2

4. Obsbot Tail Air Multikamera-Set

OBSBOT Tail Air is an AI-supported PTZ camera. In our opinion, this camera is a game changer for almost every area of video production.

With this camera, it is
possible to reduce an interview, which previously required up to 3 cameras, to one camera. OBSBOT goes one step further, the Tail Air can be operated completely wirelessly via the built-in battery. 

Obsbot Tail Air Multikamera-Set (8.40 Mpx)
2426,41 EUR

Obsbot Tail Air Multikamera-Set

8.40 Mpx

5. Obsbot Tail Air Remote Combo

OBSBOT Tail Air is an AI-supported PTZ camera. In our opinion, this camera is a game changer for almost every area of video production.

With this camera, it is
possible to reduce an interview, which previously required up to 3 cameras, to one camera. OBSBOT goes one step further, the Tail Air can be operated completely wirelessly via the built-in battery. 

Obsbot Tail Air Remote Combo (8.40 Mpx)
852,04 EUR

Obsbot Tail Air Remote Combo

8.40 Mpx

6. Obsbot Obsbot Meet 4k

The compact and simple design makes the Obsbot Meet not only a powerful webcam, but also a jewel for your desk. The Al Auto Framing function is a special feature for meetings with external groups. Combined with the virtual background features, Obsbot Meet 4K is the perfect choice for seamless video calls at home and in the office.

Capture every detail with the 1/2.8" Sony 4K sensor. The Obsbot Meet 4K delivers precise, crystal clear video. Look professional in any light with HDR and Auto Exposure technology.

Thanks to Obsbot Al technology, the Obsbot Meet's autofocus function always keeps the focus in the centre of the frame. When you activate the Face Focus function, the device will focus on your face and adjust the bokeh to keep your face clear and bright.

Look great in any light. HDR features ensure a professional look even in low light. No more wasting time adjusting the light.

The benefits of the ultra-wide FOV camera and advanced AI algorithm are that the AI autoframing function can be set to provide the exceptional video calling experience not only for one person, but also for multiple people. Different modes can be selected in the process.

The Auto Framing function is set by default to landscape close-up mode, where the image automatically tracks your face and adapts precisely to your current situation.

In the upper body mode "Landscape", not only your face but your upper body is imaged, thus offering you a natural format that supports you during a presentation.

If you activate the group mode "Auto Framing", the view is synchronously expanded or reduced for each participant who appears in or leaves the picture, in order to capture all participants correctly.

Obsbot Obsbot Meet 4k (8.60 Mpx)
214,99 EUR

Obsbot Obsbot Meet 4k

8.60 Mpx

7. Obsbot Extendable mini ball head

OBSBOT Extendable Tripod Mini Ball Head.

Obsbot Extendable mini ball head
15,21 EUR

Obsbot Extendable mini ball head

8. Obsbot Tiny USB webcam with tripod with SA adapter

USB webcam: AI-supported Full-HD USB PTZ camera (PTZ stands for Pan/Pan, Tilt/Tilt, Zoom/Enlarge) Integrated omnidirectional dual microphones with noise cancellation Video resolution: 1920x1080 / 1280x720 / 960x540 / 848x480 / 640x360 / MJPEG / H264 Gesture control: Perform functions by hand gesture such as zoom in/zoom out, select/cancel tracking target Auto exposure and white balance Auto tracking and autoframing - filmed person automatically stays in foreground and centre 2-axis gimbal 2x digital zoom Front LED for status display Pan: -150° to +150° Tilt: -45° to 45° Weight: 146 g Dimensions: 89.5 x 58 x 58 mm Compatible with video conferencing software and streaming platforms Compatible operating systems: Windows 10 or higher, Windows 8, Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.7 or higher The Obsbot Tiny is a so-called AI-supported Full-HD PTZ camera that opens up completely new possibilities for livestreaming , online lectures and video conferencing . The abbreviation PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom. The compact USB camera has a 2-axis gimbal and its autotracking and autoframing ensure that the person being filmed is always at the centre and in the foreground. Gesture control makes it possible to perform functions such as zooming in, zooming out, selecting or deselecting the tracking target without pressing a button, just by using a hand signal. The Obsbot Tiny's automatic exposure and white balance always ensures a beautiful image and reacts to the lighting conditions. The integrated omnidirectional dual microphones offer automatic noise cancellation and capture your voice throughout the room. With the Obsbot Tiny you can move freely during presentations, the camera follows you. If you want to enlarge the image, simply zoom in and out with a hand gesture. The camera is connected via USB and can be attached to a monitor using the bracket supplied. Alternatively, it can be screwed onto an optional tripod using the 1/4 inch thread in the base. + MS032 table stand: Compatible with all common microphones Very robust and resilient Suitable for 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch threads Moulded base with 18.5 cm diameter Height: 22 cm Weight: 1.3 kg Includes reducing thread Includes cable clamp Includes lock nut + keepdrum SA thread adapter: Thread adapter 1/4 inch male to 5/8 inch female High-quality threads Ideal for attaching cameras, video mics or audio recorders to microphone stands Dimensions: 34mm x 22mm Scope of delivery: Obsbot Tiny USB data/power cable Bracket keepdrum table stand Reducing thread Lock nut keepdrum SA thread adapter. 

Obsbot Tiny USB webcam with tripod with SA adapter
219,90 EUR

Obsbot Tiny USB webcam with tripod with SA adapter

9. Obsbot Extendable Tripod

OBSBOT Extendable Tripod.

Obsbot Extendable Tripod
49,99 EUR

Obsbot Extendable Tripod

10. Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite: Your intelligent and versatile webcam

Perfect for video conferencing, streaming and more.

Automatic face recognition and tracking
Full HD 1080p
resolution for crystal clear images
Built-in dual microphone for clear audio recording
Flexible clip for easy attachment
Intuitive operation and customisation
The Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite is the ideal webcam for anyone who values quality and convenience. Thanks to automatic face detection and tracking, your face will always be in focus, no matter how much you move. With an impressive Full HD 1080p resolution, the camera delivers razor-sharp images that take every video conference, streaming and online presentation to the next level.

The built-in dual microphone ensures that your voice is transmitted clearly and distinctly, while background noise is minimised. The webcam is equipped with a flexible clip that makes it easy to attach to monitors, laptops or tripods. The intuitive operation and customisation make it easy to adjust the camera to your liking.

Discover the perfect combination of technology and ease of use with the Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite - for seamless and impressive online communication.

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite (48 Mpx)
209,– EUR

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite

48 Mpx