Top-rated products in the Softbox + Reflector accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Godox S2 type Bracket Bowens + Softbox 80x80cm + Grid

Godox S2 type Bracket Bowens +.

2. Walimex Set of 3 softbox adapter Aurora/Bowens

Suitable for Aurora Fusion, Genesis and Digis, Bowens, Proxistar B/C, walimex RD as well as Rime Lite. Quick and easy mounting. Outer diameter: Ø15,2cm. Inner diameter: Ø9,5cm. Walimex 3pcs Softbox Adapter, suitable for Aurora, Fusion, Genesis, Digis, Bowens, Proxistar B/C, walimex RD and Rime Lite. Easy and fast mounting. 

3. Nanlite Projektionsaufsatz mit 19°Linse

This is a projection attachment with a 19° lens. This kit is compatible with the Forza 60 and Forza 60B and is an accessory that meets ever-changing requirements. This optical system gives you even more power and control over the light. The aspherical lenses are coated with an optical anti-reflective coating and the inner housing has been specially machined to ensure excellent light efficiency.
The 19° (PJ-FZ60-LENS-19) or 36° (PJ-FZ60-LENS-36) lenses can be ordered separately. Four gobos with different patterns, a frame for gel filters and a gobo frame are also included in this set. This projection attachment is also equipped with a framing shutter to cut the light precisely. The carrying case is designed so that the projection attachment can be transported safely and offers sufficient space for additional accessories.
Luminous intensities with projection attachment:
Forza 60, lux at 5600K with PJ-FZ60-19: 1m 54620lux, 3m 4229lux, 5m 1441lux.
Forza 60B, lux at 5600K with PJ-FZ60-19: 1m 46710lux, 3m 3800lux, 5m 1258lux
Forza 60B, lux at 3200K with PJ-FZ60-19: 1m 36190lux, 3m 2743lux, 5m 907lux

4. Walimex Reflector holder with clamp

This also includes the correct light control with reflectors when there is no assistant at hand. The walimex pro Reflector Holder helps you in a simple and convenient way. The combination of high-quality materials such as aluminium, metal and foam rubber does not only provide stability, but also the mobility, which you need in the daily photographer's everyday life. The aluminium rod, which can be extended to approx. 130cm, is equipped with a sliding reflector holder, on which you can clamp folding reflectors from 44cm to a maximum diameter of 150cm. The practical clamp allows you to attach this well thought-out helper either to rods, table tops or similar with 6cm thickness. This enables you to use your reflectors almost everywhere. 

5. Walimex Set of 3 softbox adapters Elinchrom

Thus, walimex Softboxes, Octagons and Striplights also fit to your flash. Quick and easy mounting. Outer diameter: Ø15,2cm.

6. Nanlite Bowens Adapter FM Mount

Through the Forza 60 Bowens bracket there are now even more possibilities to attach accessories. Because through this bracket, all Bowens suitable accessories can now be attached to the light. The bracket supports accessories from Nanlite as well as from other manufacturers. Compatible with: Forza 60 and Forza 60B. 

7. Godox AD-S11&S12 Kit Color Gel Refl. grid

Godox AD-S11&S12 Kit Color Gel & Refl. GridFour colors (red, yellow, blue, green) to colorize light for the background. The grid on the standard reflector can limit light propagation and provide sharper shadows. 

8. Magmod Magbox 24 Octa Focus diffuser

Magmod Magbox 24 Octa Focus.

9. Magmod Creative Gels

MagMod Creative Gels.

10. Magmod Speedring for Bowens V2

MagMod Speedring for Bowens V2.