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1. Nanlite Eyebolt

1/4"-20 screw with eyelet.
Universal and compatible 1/4"-20 brackets, which offers multiple suspension solutions.

Nanlite Eyebolt (Stand holder)
Further studio equipment
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Nanlite Eyebolt

Stand holder

2. Westcott Pro Light Mods 3x4

This innovative softbox cover transforms your softbox into a Hollywood-style light bank or stadium lighting. Compatible with the Rapid Box Switch and other softboxes, the Pro Light Mods give you creative backlighting and stunning in-camera images to enhance your photo shoots. Perfect for sports, fashion, entertainment, commercial portraits and video shoots.

Transforms your softbox into a Hollywood style light bank or stadium lighting
Fits Westcott Rapid Box Switch and other 3 x 4' (91.4 x 121.9 cm) softboxes
For sports, fashion, entertainment, commercial and video portraits
Special fabric with laser-cut edges
1.5-inch Velcro strap for a light-tight closure
Corner system to adapt to different softboxes and prevent light loss
Lightweight and easy to pack in the travel bag provided

Take your photography to the next level with Pro Light Mods. This patent-pending softbox cover instantly transforms your softbox into a Hollywood-style light bank or stadium lighting, giving you the power to create stunning in-camera images.

Whether you're a sports, fashion, entertainment, senior portrait or wedding photographer, Pro Light Mods are the perfect accessory to add a unique and stunning touch to your photos. Achieve the stadium light look for your sports photography without having to rent expensive HMI lights or assemble them in post-processing. Turn your softbox into a Hollywood-style light bank for a striking and impressive look, perfect for fashion shoots, Instagram content and video production.

The Pro Light Mods are suitable for the Westcott Rapid Box Switch and softboxes from other manufacturers. The black fabric top, which resembles an egg carton grid, is made from a durable material that ensures long-lasting use. Each mod is fitted with a thick 1.5-inch Velcro strap and has an adjustable corner system that allows it to be securely attached to a variety of softboxes and provides a light-tight seal.

These mods offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to experiment with different looks by rotating your softbox, adding colour gels or using artificial smoke. They can be placed side by side and combined with other mod sizes to create even more dynamic looks.

The Pro Light Mods are lightweight and easy to pack in the included travel bag, making them the perfect accessory for photographers and videographers on the go.

Laser-cut edges
The laser-cut edges of the fabric prevent fraying and ensure a clean look.

Special material
Made from durable, lightweight and opaque fabric designed to last.

Adjustable corner system
Specially designed corner system that allows the Pro Light Mods to easily adapt to different softboxes.

Lightproof closure
A thick 1.5-inch Velcro strap that extends from one end to the other provides a light-tight seal for your softbox.

Support rods for larger mods
Larger 2 x 3, 3 x 3 and 3 x 4 mods are equipped with adjustable tension rods to ensure an even light shape throughout the shoot.

Portable for easy transport
The mods are lightweight and store easily in the included travel case, making them ideal for photographers on the go.

3. Kupo 4" Super Viser Clamp

The Kupo Super Viser clamp is an extremely strong and versatile clamp. It can be securely attached to round and square objects or almost any unique shape up to 11cm in diameter.

The jaw position remains fixed on one side of the clamp so it can be fitted where space is at a premium. The specially designed grip pad provides a strong hold and protects the surface it is clamped around. The clamp has a 16mm socket and 16mm bolt. the Super Viser clamp has an impressive 30kg load capacity and is made from aluminium.

4. Westcott Ice Light Light Gate

Constructed of lightweight metal, the Barn Doors for Ice Light from Westcott run the full length of the light allowing you to adjust the beam spread from 72.6 degrees to a narrow shaft of light if desired. Ideal for use as a rim light or hair light, the barn doors snap into place without hardware. 

5. Orangemonkie Foldio Halo Bar

The light strip is equipped with a mounting magnet and can be easily attached to the sides or bottom of the Foldio 3 light tent. Together with the included lighting of the Foldio 3 Studio, you have the possibility to adjust your individually required lighting conditions even more precisely and thus more optimally. Use them independently from the Foldio 3 LED lighting and not only play with the mood and harmony of the shots, but also create dozens of varying atmospheres for your images. The Foldio 3 Studio's dimming controller offers you the option of continuously adjusting and adjusting both the Halo Bar and the Foldio 3's built-in LED light. Halo Bar Set cannot be used without Foldio3 power source. You need Foldio3 studio to use this additional lighting option. Foldio3 studio can only support one Halo-Bar-Set. 

6. Roko KLMR-02 Studio Bracket for Background

Robust clamp for fixing a background in the studio (curtain, molleton, panels). Achieves a very high clamping force due to the built-in steel spring, which can also press together wooden panels, for example (for handicrafts or DIY). Has two rubber lips at the front to protect the surface from scratches. 

7. Caruba Wall bracket with tap

Caruba wall bracket with spigotThe Caruba wall bracket with spigot can be fixed to the wall or ceiling with the four screws supplied. You can adjust the length of the arm from 37.5 to a maximum of 60 centimetres. The wall mount is equipped with a reversible spigot with a 1/4 inch and a 3/8 male thread, , Can be mounted with four bolts Adjustable length from 37.5 to 60 centimetres Spigot with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch male thread Total weight is 658 grams 3-year warranty. 

8. Walimex Special clamp with spigot

The screwable special clamp can be used individually on shooting tables, doors or similar up to a maximum diameter of 4.5cm. The 5/8 inch spigot with thread is suitable for attaching flash heads, reflectors and other universal holders with the corresponding receptacle. 

9. Lensgo Smoking machine liquid 12ml, 6x

This is the smoking machine liquid for the Smoke B smoking machine from LensGo. So that the liquid can be refilled if necessary.

The liquid consists of VG (vegetable
glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) and is safe and non-toxic.

The pack contains 12 refill containers with 12 ml of liquid each.

Scope of delivery:
12x smoking machine liquid 12ml.

10. Kupo LED Tube Clamp

Made of solid die-cast aluminium, the Kupo T-12 mounting clamp is designed for quick mounting of T-12 LED tubes of all leading brands (tube diameter 38-42mm).

clamp has rubber pads that protect your LED tubes from scratches. The strong steel spring on the clamp jaws holds the LED tubes firmly in place. A 1/4"""-20 thread on the bottom and a 3/8"""-16 thread on each side of the clamp allows you to connect the clamp to any equipment that has a 1/4"""-20 or 3/8"""-16 screw, such as eye rings, ceiling clamps, etc. The clamp also has a 3/8"""-16 thread on each side of the clamp.e.g. eye rings, ceiling clips, articulated arms, magnetic plates, etc.