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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Godox WB87 Battery, for AD600 series

The Godox WB87 Battery is a reliable replacement accessory for the battery that powers the Witstro AD600 and AD600BM flashes. This Lithium-Ion battery, within a single charge, is capable of delivering up to 500 times full power flashes and a rapid recycle time that ranges from 0.01 - 2.5 seconds. For added flexibility, you can switch between DC and AC power anytime. 

Godox WB87 Battery, for AD600 series (Rechargeable battery)
Studio flash accessories
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Godox WB87 Battery, for AD600 series

Rechargeable battery

2. Meike Adapter Bowens Elinchrom

Meike Adapter Bowens Elinchrom.

3. Godox ML01

Suitable for studio flashes Godox QT400II M und QT 600II M, MS200 und MS300

4. Godox VB-18

Keep your VING flash on by taking a VB-18 Li-ion battery from GODOX with you. This battery is designed for 11.1V and 2000mAh for a capacity of 22Wh, so it can produce about 650 flashes at full power with the flashes of the V860 series. 

5. Godox Witstro AR400

The powerful AR400 ring flash provides shadow-free illumination and even powerful lighting effects in a portable housing.

Uniform illumination and versatility
a ring flash, AR400 takes over the ring head to achieve shadow-free illumination; as an LED video light, AR400 is equipped with LED light bulbs to adjust light brightness, providing a stable light source for photography; as an outdoor flash, AR400 is lightweight and portable, meeting the requirements of outdoor photography.

Strong power and plenty of functions
The AR400 has 400W powerful power and 22 levels of power control (1|1~1|128). It supports S1|S2 slave triggering, RPT stroboscope flash, high-speed synchronization, etc.

Professional Lithium Battery
The AR400 offers a professional lithium battery (11.1V|4500mAh) with over 450x output power and 0.05-2.8s charging time. The charger is included with the accessories to ensure the entire recording process.

Wireless remote control
Use a wireless FT-16 flash release (sold separately) to control flash output and other functions.

Practical accessories
The AR400 is equipped with hinged lamp holders, shade holders, diffusion covers, etc. The AR400 is equipped with a wide range of accessories. All accessories are easy to assemble and disassemble for creative lighting effects.

- 400W powerful power
- Uniform, shadow-free illumination
- Professional Lithium Battery
- Wireless remote control (sold separately)
- Suitable for DSLR equipment
- Camera mount included

6. Rollei X-Drop Background Set

7. Walimex pro per battery for Mover 400 TTL

Walimex battery for Mover 400 TTL, 6000mAh / 11.1V / 66.6Wh.

8. Godox WB30P, Lithium battery to AD300pro

Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Godox AD300Pro

Fast battery charging time
Easy to use and easy to carry
14.4 V/ 2600 mAh
Weight: 214 g.

9. Starface Bracket for rack mounting the COMPACT

- Metal bracket for 19 rack mounting of the STARFACE COMPACT appliance.

10. Godox Accu V3 series

Godox Accu V3 serie.