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Apple iPhone 13 (512 GB, Starlight, 6.10", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 5G)

Apple iPhone 13

512 GB, Starlight, 6.10", SIM + eSIM, 12 Mpx, 5G

Question about iPhone 13 - 497083


1 year ago

Hallo i buy here iphone 13 512 Gb , and my phone come with defect. I return this phone in Galaxus . After answer from service centre a phone have real defect and can't be restored. So now a company Galaxus whant give me a money back. But I need a phone , a new phone for the same price . I don't understand, why Galaxus can't give me one new and what to return me a money. I have a video and photo prouve of this defect from first day but nobody interesting to see my prouve and what just give back a money. A problem is next, I buy this product for another price , then it is now. Why Galaxus can't replace me a defect phone one new for a same price when I buy it ? Its not normal


1 year ago

You should consult the helpdesk, I don't think someone is going to help you here.