Best products in the Utility knives category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. MSW Rotary Cutter - blade Ø 45 mm

Rotary Cutter - blade Ø 45 mmWhen cutting, you literally glide over the fabric, but the rotary cutter also cuts through leather effortlessly. Unlike a conventional cutter, the rotary cutter has a rotating blade that allows for easy and speedy cutting. The sturdy design and effortless operation are therefore popular with professionals and hobby users alike!The fabric cutter not only cuts fabric and fibres flawlessly, it also effortlessly separates leather, paper, or thin insulating materials. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the hand of both left- and right-handed users and the curved shape of the rotary cutter optimally transmits the force you need for cutting. This makes the roller cutter extremely easy to use and easy to guide. A safety lock protects you after the work is done.The blade is made of steel, which is not only extremely sharp, but also very durable. The smooth rotary movement enables clean work even on elaborate projects. With a diameter of 45 mm, the blade has an ideal cutting depth and cutting action for thin materials. It can thus be universally used for leather, fabric, or paper.Technical DetailsModel MSW-MPRC1Material Steel, plastic (PA)Blade diameter 45 mmDelivery ContentsRotary cutter MSW-MPRC1 Instruction manual. 

MSW Rotary Cutter - blade Ø 45 mm
Utility knives
8,98 EUR was 9,98 EUR

MSW Rotary Cutter - blade Ø 45 mm

2. Bosch Professional Lame de rechange de cutter

Accessory set for Bosch Professional folding knife 1.600.A01.6BL Quick and tool-free blade change Storage of up to 3 blades directly in the blade storage on the knife Convenient use of the folding knife thanks to the rubberised handle and one-button operation. 

Bosch Professional Lame de rechange de cutter (Replacement blade)
Utility knives
7,85 EUR

Bosch Professional Lame de rechange de cutter

Replacement blade

3. Linex Cutting knife

Linex Cutter 9 x 80 mm, blade shape: snap-off blade, acute angle blade, blade length: 80 mm, blade width: 9 mm.

4. KS Tools Universal snap-off blade knife 18 mm 907.2135

-for right-handers
-with fastening eye
blade 18 x 100 mm
-with 0.5 mm thick snap-off blade
blade guide made of metal
-housing made of plastic
-with 2-component handle.

KS Tools Universal snap-off blade knife 18 mm 907.2135 (Cutters)
Utility knives
5,60 EUR

KS Tools Universal snap-off blade knife 18 mm 907.2135


5. Bosch Professional Knife set

Durable design for professional applications thanks to high-quality materials such as robust aluminium. Suitable for a wide range of applications and material types thanks to different blades included in the scope of delivery. Quick handling thanks to tool-free blade change. 

6. Irwin Snapoff blade 18mm BiMet 50pcs.

Break-off kit 18mm Bi-Met 50pcs. pcs. of 50pcs.
made of bi-metal, the blades can be broken off without splintering for optimum safety, the Soft Snap function allows
safe and confident breaking off. 

Irwin Snapoff blade 18mm BiMet 50pcs. (Replacement blade)
Utility knives
41,73 EUR

Irwin Snapoff blade 18mm BiMet 50pcs.

Replacement blade

7. Kendo Universal knife

KENDO Universal knife, 18 mm

The KENDO universal knife, also known as a carpet knife or cutter knife, is ideal for precise cuts in various materials. Thanks to
the hard but flexible blade, it can even cut through plasterboard with ease. The extremely sharp blade not only enables effortless but also very precise cutting.

Equipped with an automatic reloading system and a blade safety system, this knife offers a high level of safety. The ergonomic soft-touch handle also ensures comfortable and pleasant working.

Product features:
Blade width: 18 mm
Blade length: 100 mm
Length (total): 160 mm
Width (total): 38 mm
Blade type: Snap-off blades
Material (blade): SK5 tool steel
Material (housing): Zinc die-cast alloy
High quality: Metal blade guide
Non-slip: Soft touch 2-component handle
Safe: Extremely safe function for automatic retraction
Weight: 160 g.

8. Makita Multi Oil 0,3L DOLMAR

Resin- and silicone-free high-performance product based on aromatic-free base oils and additives.
Can be used as a lubricant, corrosion protection, penetrating
oil, moisture displacer and cleaner.
- Stops squeaking and creaking
- Removes stubborn dirt such as tree resins, tar, grease and oil residues
- Loosens seized joints
- Free of silicone, Teflon, graphite, MoS2, as well as tri, chlorine and CFCs.

9. Stanley Snapoff blades

10 snap-off blades with 25 mm blade width.

Stanley Snapoff blades (Replacement blade)
Utility knives
8,98 EUR was 10,99 EUR

Stanley Snapoff blades

Replacement blade

10. Tajima Replacement blade CB65RB

Spare blade CB65RB 25mm Razarblack. Ideal for precise cutting of paper, foil and other thin materials. Extremely sharp blade made of premium steel. With Japanese quenching and tempering technology and a multi-stage sharpening process, exceptionally precise cutting quality is achieved. 

Tajima Replacement blade CB65RB (Replacement blade)
Utility knives
18,34 EUR

Tajima Replacement blade CB65RB

Replacement blade