Renkforce RFWS 01001

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Thunderstorm - all data at a glance If there are any questions about the weather, the RFWS 01001 radio weather station has the answer ready on its 5.7 colour display. In addition to the usual values such
as temperature and humidity (indoors and outdoors), wind speed, wind direction and precipitation, there is a wealth of other useful information such as the time, calendar, day of the week and even the phases of the moon. And depending on where you are, this display can be set for the northern or alternatively the southern hemisphere. Detailed information The RFWS 01001 radio weather station is far from being satisfied with the display of this overview information. Whether the temperature and humidity in living rooms are at a healthy level can be read on the comfort display by means of emojis. In addition, the respective trend for these values is displayed. The outdoor readings also have trend displays, and the average wind speed and gusts are shown in various units such as mph, m/s, km/h, knots and Beaufort. Likewise, instantaneous and dominant wind direction as well as barometric pressure values or UV light exposure can be read. A look into the past and the future The RFWS 01001 radio weather station can not only display weather forecasts: it stores data such as the amount of precipitation, which can be displayed retrospectively for different periods of time, as well as heat index, wind chill and dew point readings. Valuable alarm functions One night that is too cold can be enough to freeze your beloved patio plants to death. With the RFWS 01001 radio weather station, such fears are superfluous, because if frost is to be expected, the station signals this with a buzzer. And an optical alarm also warns of weather extremes such as high wind speeds or heavy rain events.

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Exact colour description
Black, White
Sensor Measuring functions
UV Index, Wind speed
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Black, White
Exact colour description
Black, White

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Sensor Measuring functions
UV Index, Wind speed

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39.30 cm
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1.83 kg

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