Xiaomi Temperature and humidity sensor (NUN4126GL)

Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor 2 - Xiaomi - Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2The Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor 2 Xiaomi monitors the home and the status can be checked both on the device itself
and in the Mi Home app. Temperature and humidity sensor - 1.5 " LCD screen - Bluetooth connectivity - Mi Home app - small size. The new Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 is one of the best sensors you can find. It's designed so you can enjoy the whole world and always know what the temperature and humidity inside your . Room Read on to find out why we say smart home partnership - Mi 2 Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor The sensor is paired via Bluetooth only. It's best to pair it directly with your smartphone via the Mi Home app. If your phone is in Bluetooth range, we can check the current temperature and humidity directly in the app. The sensor can also be linked to the control unit (Xiaomi Gateway). This gives us a permanent connection of the temperature and humidity sensor with the Smart Home. We can then create automatic scenarios, such as switching on the humidifier when the humidity in the room is too low, or switching on the Xiaomi fan when the temperature exceeds a certain level. If you are looking for other products for the home, you might be interested in the Viomi Smart Kettle electric kettle with battery. The sensor is powered by a CR2032 battery, which allows it to work for up to 1 year. The battery is not included in the delivery. Specifications - Mi 2 Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Xiaomi: Model: LYWSD03MMCLCD Display: 1.5 inch Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 12.5 mm Temperature detection range: 0 - 60 C (0.1 C accuracy) Humidity detection range: 9% 0% RH ( 1% RH accuracy) Communication: Bluetooth 4.2 The best display and most impressive features One of the best temperature and humidity sensors you'll find in our catalogue. With a 1.5-inch LCD screen where you can see the temperature and humidity in the room, you can also see it more easily on your smartphone thanks to the high-quality and powerful Bluetooth connection. You'll always know what's going on. You can measure temperature and humidity with an accuracy of 0.1% of the display range from 0°C to 60°C, so you can use it in conjunction with other home care devices via the Mi Home app (Android and iOS). Small size, can be placed anywhere.

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