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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. DNT Pro

You can also publish and view your readings via online weather services such as Weather Underground and apply automation rules via IFTTT.

2. Netatmo Smarte Wetterstation

The Netatmo weather station in an elegant, timeless design includes a unique set that combines weather and air quality analysis. It wirelessly transmits data such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, air quality and CO2 content to your mobile device.

The weather station's outdoor module provides you with real-time weather information measured right outside your front door.

The indoor module of the weather station measures comfort in the house, provides important information and warns you when it is time to ventilate the rooms to improve air quality.

We spend 80% of our time in closed rooms, although the indoor air is often more polluted than the outside air. The Netatmo weather station measures air pollution via a CO2 sensor and sends you a warning message so that you can ventilate if necessary and thus provide a healthier living environment.

The app lets you view data in graph form and monitor your environment in real time. You always have cycles and changes of predictions in view.

For iOS and Android.


TFA Dostmann radio weather station with wind and rain gauge WEATHER PRO 35.1161.01.

4. Gira 207400

GIRA 207400 Weather station Plus KNX.

5. Hama Weather Forecast Center Meteotime

Hama Weather Forecast Center "Meteotime" black -Based on data from professional meteorologists, the weather station provides reliable, satellite-based 4-day forecasts for your region -Meteotime transmits expert data free of charge several times a day via the DCF-77 signal -Display of the current day's rain probability as well as wind speed and direction -Frost alarm is activated at -1 to +1 °C for getting up in time to scrape windows or clear snow -Setting of alarm times as a working day alarm, which is active from Monday to Friday -The time zone can be set manually if the DCF time differs from the time zone -DCF radio-controlled clock with automatic time adjustment to the most accurate clock in the worldFeatures: -Display outdoor sensor: hygrometer, thermometer -Range to wireless outdoor sensor: 50 m -Number of batteries outdoor sensor & station: 2x AA Mignon each -Mode of operation: wireless -Hygrometer outdoor/indoor: 20-95 % -Measuring range outdoor: -20 to +60 °C -Measuring range indoor: 0 to 50 °C -Mounting: hanging, standing -Clock function: yes (12/24) -Additional functions: Alarm function, display high & low values, outdoor sensor, battery capacity display, DCF radio clock, rain probability, snooze function, trend display for humidity, trend display for temperature, weather forecast, wind speed meter, wind direction display -Dimensions (W x D x H): 151.5 x 30 x 105.5 mm. 

6. DNT Weather station set DNT + additional screen

Informs you about indoor climate and weather via high-resolution TFT display and app: The powerful WiFi weather station with wireless combination outdoor sensor for temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction/wind strength and brightness lets you control the. 

7. DNT Additional display for WeatherScreen PRO

Set: No, Functions: LCD display, Application area: Home, Type: Accessories.

8. Bresser Weather Center 5-in-1 Beaufort

Bresser Weather Center 5-in-1 Beaufort (7002525).

9. Bresser 5-in-1 Comfort

The Bresser 5-in-1 Comfort Weather Center with colour display combines a compact design with a comprehensive information service. The multifunctional outdoor sensor is very compact in design and can be installed in almost any location to save space. A pipe clamp and screws for attachment to masts (pipe diameter approx. 25-33 mm) as well as a stand for flat mounting are included in the scope of delivery. The 5-in-1 outdoor sensor reliably transmits measured values for wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and precipitation to the base station. On the clearly structured display of the base station not only these values but also a multitude of history data can be read. The latter enables the internal storage and evaluation of the measurement data over a period of 24 hours. From the collected measurement data, the weather station calculates a very reliable local weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours, which is shown on the display by six graphic symbols. For maximum and minimum values, an alarm can be individually programmed, which triggers both an acoustic and a light signal when the specified value is reached. For outside temperatures from -3 °C a special alarm for frost/ice warning can also be activated. A poor indoor climate often entails health risks, especially for children and the elderly. Here, too, the Bresser 5-in-1 Comfort Weather Center with colour display offers a smart feature. The room climate indicator always informs about the room climate by means of a symbol. In addition, the Bresser 5-in-1 Comfort Weather Center with colour display has a radio-controlled time and date setting (DCF time signal). Just a few minutes after switching on, the current Central European Time (CET) and the date with day are automatically displayed. An alarm function with snooze function is also included in the scope of functions. For all "moon addicts" also the different moon phases are indicated. 

10. Bresser Optics Weather Station Meteo Temp 7004200 Wireless Weather Station Forecast for 12 to

Bresser Optik Weather Station Meteo Temp 7004200 Wireless Weather Station Forecast for 12 to 24 hours.

Bresser Optics Weather Station Meteo Temp 7004200 Wireless Weather Station Forecast for 12 to
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25,25 EUR

Bresser Optics Weather Station Meteo Temp 7004200 Wireless Weather Station Forecast for 12 to