Bike lights

The lighting of your bike is important for increased safety and visibility on the road. A distinction is made between the white front light and the red rear light, which are often available as lighting sets. Depending on the application, there are different designs, sizes and luminous intensities. Bicycle lights can mainly be attached to the handlebars, seat post, bicycle frame and bicycle fork. By means of a helmet holder, strong headlights, e.g. for the illumination of a bike trail, can also be attached to the helmet.
The energy supply of a bicycle light can have different sources: Rechargeable battery, battery, dynamo or magnetic induction. Extremely bright lamps for sporty biking usually have an external battery. The cheaper compact class usually has an integrated energy source. Most battery-powered lights are charged via a USB cable. The running times of the bicycle lights vary depending on the flashing mode. Automatic lights switch on as soon as a sensor registers movements.