A bike for every purpose. Whether you commute from home to work with the city bike, ride an exciting trail with the mountain bike, conquer the next pass road with the racing bike, or turn a casual round with the e-bike: In our range you will find the bike or bicycle that suits you best.

Citybikes are suitable as an easy means of transport in the city. You can ride it comfortably back and forth between your home, work, school or shopping center. The city bike can be anything from a modern urban bike to a retro cruiser, as long as it's sturdy and gets you from A to B. The trekking bike, also called a touring bike, has more gears, usually has front suspension, and has a sporty but comfortable geometry. They are usually also equipped with good tires and luggage racks, so that longer trips can be completed. You can also pedal longer on a road bike. Whether as a comfortable all-rounder or as a performance-oriented racing machine: the racing bike is your training and competition equipment. Over hill and dale you are best equipped with a mountain bike. From the simple hardtail with suspension fork for beginners to the cross-country, all-mountain or enduro bike: you will find a bike for every discipline. If pedaling is getting too hard for you, an e-bike is ideal. Today, every type of bike is also available as an e-bike. The pedelecs are becoming more and more popular thanks to the electronic pedaling assistance up to 25 km/h. You will also find fast electric bikes that can go up to 45 km/h. For the entry into the world of bicycles, running bikes for children are suitable. Once the balance is trained, you can switch to a children's bike.

In our assortment you will not only find everything from e-bikes to children's bikes, but also a large number of well-known manufacturers. With us you will find bikes from Giant, Early Rider, Puky, Siech Cycles, Marin, NS-Bikes, Wheeler, Serious, Fixie Inc, Gangurru or Ortler.

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    by Lorenz Keller