Leg + Arm warmers

Sleeves and leg warmers are garments designed for cycling that help improve performance and comfort during sport. They are usually made of elastic material that fits closely to the body and moves flexibly as you move.

Sleeves are arm warmers that protect the arm from cold and wind while supporting the muscles. They usually reach from the shoulders to the wrists and often have a so-called silicone coating on the inside, which ensures that they do not slip when worn.

Leg warmers are tight-fitting trouser legs that reach from the hips to the ankles. They also usually have a silicone coating on the inside and are usually equipped with a seat pad that provides additional comfort when sitting on the bike saddle.

The most important features of sleeves and leg warmers include:

Breathability: The material should have air permeability to prevent sweating.
Elasticity: The material should be elastic to allow free movement.
Thermal insulation: They should help keep the body warm to prevent sore muscles and injuries.
Washability: It is important that they are easy to clean to avoid odour. Fit: They should fit well to prevent slipping during exercise.