Sports socks

You can never have enough sports socks. Whether bike socks, running socks, hiking socks, ski socks, fitness socks - the right sports socks are at least as important for any sport as shirt or pants. Depending on the type of sport, the socks should have certain properties so that you don't get blisters or slip back and forth in your shoe. The quality of the sock material and the seamless processing usually determines the wearing comfort. For any sport, a comfortable sock with high functionality is an advantage. Pay special attention to the fiber types and whether it is a microfiber or natural fiber.

Hiking socks must be sufficiently padded and breathable. For colder seasons, an insulating effect is recommended. Running socks get the most wear and tear, as they are subjected to a lot of stress and friction over many miles. Your next running sock should be tight fitting, have the seams between the toes, be breathable, and feel comfortable. For longer distances, you can also choose compression socks, which allow for faster recovery and performance improvement. They also promote blood flow to the tissues, thus ensuring better oxygen supply to muscles and organs. Cycling socks and tennis socks should be especially breathable, because you usually sweat a lot and the socks need to transport a larger amount of moisture. The socks are the link between you and your shoe. For this reason, the grip of your socks is crucial to your agility or overall stability in your athletic shoe. A well-fitting sock transfers the athlete's power to the foot better than a loose-fitting athletic sock. When skiing or snowboarding, Lenz heated socks are ideal because you are guaranteed not to get cold feet on the slopes. In addition, we have ski socks and snowboard socks made of merino wool, with reinforced padding, which avoid pressure points in the ski boot or snowboard boot.
In our range you will find a variety of sports socks, for example from the brands Asics, UYN, CEP, Icebreaker, Smartwool or Rohner.