A pair of sports pants you need for any sporting activity. Whether running, playing tennis, a yoga class, or other sports your sports pants are always there. Sports pants differ from normal pants or shorts in terms of materials, fit and functionality.
Running pants are usually cut shorter so that you have maximum freedom of movement and do not carry unnecessary weight with you during a marathon. Sports shorts have to be able to do a lot in different areas and have great robustness and strong materials. In addition, they should also be comfortable, so that the athlete feels good and can call on his full performance potential. Without the right sports pants, you'll be at a disadvantage in competition and it won't be as much fun as it would be with good sports equipment.

Besides the classic running pants or fitness pants, we also have yoga pants in our assortment. Yoga pants are usually made of a comfortable material and have a high stretch content, so you can perform all yoga exercises and your legroom is not limited.
Trainer pants and sweatpants are part of the clothing you wear before a competition. Due to the thicker fabric and long cut of the pants, they keep your muscles warm and avoid the risk of injury. In addition, many trainer pants serve as going out pants or are part of a tracksuit.

In our assortment you will find various types of pants that you can wear to many sports and occasions. These include sports pants from Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance and Asics. At Galaxus, you're sure to find the right brand and fit for your purpose.