Neo 14 (06-108)

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Smartphone Service Kit - 06-108 The Smartphone Service Kit contains 10 tips for common smartphone models. The kit includes washers to rotate the case and a suction cup to disassemble the glass.
Screwdriver handle with rotating bit to make work easier. Set: 10 bits suitable for the most common types of phones: - Torx T4, Torx T5, Torx T6, Torx T8 with hole, Torx T10 with hole - Phillips PH000, Phillips PH00 - Triangle (triangle) ) 2.0 - Flat SL 1.2 - Pentagonal Torx 0.8 2 plastic discs to tilt the case without damaging it Suction cups to easily remove the glass for easy work Screwdriver holder with rotating tip Removing the SIM card.

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