Drills + Cordless screwdriver

Drills + Cordless screwdriver

Not all drills are made equal. The type of drill you use will have a big impact on your drilling experience. For this reason, you should carefully consider which model will best suit your purpose. Depending on the price segment, you can expect differences in performance, handling and durability. If you use the drill regularly, you should consider investing in a high-quality device. You can buy drill from the following, popular brand in our online shop, and many more: Bosch (Bosch green), Bosch Professional (Bosch blue), DeWALT, Einhell, Makita and Metabo.

Amateurs often throw the multitude of electric drills and screwdrivers in the same pot. But in addition to classic electric drills, there are a number of models with significant differences.

Hammer drills, also called percussion drills or impact drills: these machines are mostly used for work on stone or concrete because of the high speed of rotation and blow count. However, hammer drills can also be used for wood and tiles, so they act as a universal tool in case of doubt. With a hammer drill, you have the option of adding a hammering motion to the rotation. However, the hammering frequency is significantly lower than that of a jackhammer, which is why much more force must be applied during use.

Rotary hammers: this tool can be used for screwing, drilling or a combination of the two in wood and masonry. However, it has less drilling power than an impact drill.

Jackhammers, also called demolition hammers: jackhammers are usually larger than drills. They’re used for drilling or chiselling in masonry when the impact drill reaches its power limit.

When choosing the right drill, the following aspects are also important:

Range of use: because of its various functions, we recommend a drilling machine for drilling in wood or metal. When drilling into hard or brittle masonry (stone or concrete), on the other hand, a hammer drill is recommended. And if you only want to drill and screw into masonry, a rotary hammer is the right choice.

Power supply and battery life: cordless drills are suitable for mobile use or for use in inaccessible places. The rule of thumb: the larger the battery capacity, the longer you can drill on one full battery charge. And the higher the battery voltage, the larger the maximum diameter that can be drilled with the cordless drill. If, on the other hand, you place more value on high drilling performance than on mobility, choose a corded power drill. The higher the power in watts, the larger the maximum drilling diameter.

The weight of the device is also worth taking into account. Heavy machines can become tiring to hold in your hands, especially over longer periods of use.