Circular table saws

A table saw is a rotating saw with a revolving saw blade. It allows clean straight cuts in solid wood, plywood as well as in plastic sheets. In contrast to the hand-held circular saw, the table circular saw is usually used in a stationary position. Table circular saws consist of a sturdy metal table. The saw blade emerges through a slot in the surface of the table. For safety reasons, the circular saw is protected by a safety mechanism that does not release the saw blade until the workpiece is pushed in. The workpiece is guided laterally by an adjustable fence. This ensures accurate, straight cuts. Curved cuts, such as those possible with a jigsaw, cannot be made with circular saws. When handling the circular table saw, protective measures such as protective gloves and safety goggles must not be dispensed with under any circumstances! In our assortment we also carry protective clothing such as head protection and respiratory protection.