Garage equipment

For those who take pride in maintaining their vehicles, homes, and outdoor spaces, our collection of maintenance accessories is a treasure trove of practical solutions. Customers can browse an array of top-tier brands and their best-selling products, ensuring they find the perfect tool for every upkeep task.

Taufix leads the way with its popular road salt, an indispensable item for melting ice and ensuring safety during cold, slippery months. Those seeking reliable fuel storage solutions can turn to Valpro, offering durable fuel canisters that are essential for any emergency kit or outdoor adventure. Monzana's practical 2x Access ramps are especially popular among mechanics and auto enthusiasts, providing a sturdy lift for vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Berger & Schröter impress with their robust cable winches, an excellent choice for those requiring heavy lifting and towing capabilities. ProPlus completes the lineup with the Keavy, a piece of equipment praised for its versatility and strength in demanding maintenance tasks.

Each brand brings a unique set of tools to the table, meticulously crafted to cater to various maintenance needs. Whether you're preparing for a harsh winter, managing fuel supplies, outfitting a workshop, or simply ensuring that your property is well-maintained, our curated selection of accessories from trusted brands like Taufix, Valpro, Monzana, Berger & Schröter, and ProPlus will provide you with the reliability and efficiency you seek. Shop with us and discover new ways to enhance your maintenance regimen.