Grow boxes

An indoor growbox is a type of grow tent designed for indoor use. It usually has the same features and benefits as other grow tents, but with the added benefit of being able to be used indoors, allowing for year-round plant growing. The indoor grow system can be as simple as a simple box or as complex as an automated hydroponic system. However, the growbox is an integral part of this, as it provides an enclosed and controlled space for any plant growing.

When buying an indoor greenhouse, it is important to pay attention to the exact product dimensions and choose a growbox that provides sufficient growing space. In addition, some grow boxes offer appropriate attachments for fans, tubes, etc., which simplifies the construction of a complex indoor growing system.

When do you need a growbox?

A growbox is needed when you want to grow plants, herbs or vegetables indoors and create a controlled growing atmosphere. If, for example, pests play a role, a completely sealed light- and airtight growbox is often recommended.

With us you can find grow tents of brands like: Secret Jardin, Homebox or Mammoth and thus prepare your indoor garden for growing chillis, cannabis, herbs and other plants.

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